Join us and grow to the largest art community in Asia.

Who is suitable We love to work with highly motivated and passionate individual. If you are ready to grow with us, fluent in English
(and preferably Mandarin too), willing to learn, then you are the one! Preferably 17-26 years old.
What is my job scope You can choose one or many of them: Copywriting. Content creation. Designing Magazine posts. Managing social
media accounts. Blogging and Vlogging. Photo shooting. Video shooting.
Why do I need to join You will gain deeper insight into the digital marketing world and learn how to run a business. Acquire the skill
of how to interpret artworks and do art critics. Great exposure. Working with an international team. Free art
classes and workshops. Allowance provided
Where to go There is no one fixed working location that you have to be stationed at. You can work from home or anywhere with internet connection. Also, you might love to join if we have photo or video shooting session.
When to start When to start We will arrange an interview with you upon receiving your application. If you are being selected, you can start your adventure with us at anytime!
How to apply Step 1: Email us your CV and outlining your interest in the email. Specify “JOB: INTERN” to your email subject.
Step 2: If you are selected, we will send you an email for all the details and arrange an interview with you.
Step 3: We grow together as a Team!
Who needs Artroom 22 If you like to sell your artworks (either created by your own or from your private collection), advertise your workshops or hold
an exhibition, we are here for you. We are ready for people who like to turn the potential buyers into customers, expand their niche
market, increase their brand awareness, be active on social media, as well as inspire art sales.
What can I expect Your personal name and reputation in the art scene will increase. Not only that, we write Google SEO focused article to feature you on our Magazine and social media accounts. This helps to boost your appearance in the digital world and ensure you
to stay on top of the race.
Why Artroom 22 We guarantee sales in 6 months. In addition, our Team’s expertise in Art Marketing and Deal Making for creative entrepreneurs has been more than 10 years. By dealing with international art galleries as well as making cross-border sales for B2B and B2C, we have had a great understanding of how creative entrepreneur can brand themselves and detect their potential buyer.
Where to display Your artworks will be displayed in our online Art Gallery, featured on our Magazine, engaged in the Google search engine, and more.
When can I join The moment when you want to sell your artworks, desire to have your own art collectors and increase your art sales.
How much to pay Step 1: Contact us to indicate your interest!
Step 2: If you are selected, we will send you a written Art Consignment and Sale Agreement. Peruse it and make the applicable payment to the bank account stipulated in the Agreement, which are:
- Installation Fee - last for lifetime: RM99.00 (for Artist); RM199.00 (for Art Collectors)
- Maintenance Fee - pay monthly: RM10.00 per artwork
- Workshop Installation & Maintenance Fees: FREE (only for our associated Artist)
Step 3: Enjoy the services provided by us! Be the Starlight Creator today.
Who needs Artroom 22 Art Gallery who like to increase its art sales and/or hold an impactful exhibition in the gallery.
What kind of gallery We are open to collaborate with all types of galleries. It could be Commercial Gallery, Rental Gallery, Non-art Exclusive Space, Auxiliary Exhibition Space, etc. The differences of of which were explained by Daric Gill Studios.
Why collaborate We develop a marketing plan for you in this rapidly changing art world. More importantly, we increase your art sales locally and internationally. By conducting research meticulously, we curate impactful exhibition at your space to bring you the right crowd of people. Eventually, what is more inspiring than turning the potential art collectors to your customers?
Where can I get attention We feature your Art Gallery in our Magazine and social media by designing posts according to your target audience. We manage content creations and provide quality onsite SEO service, which draws more potential art collectors and artists to your space and expand your niche market.
When should I start Sometimes ‘later’ become ‘never’. Collaborate now and see the growth in your business.
How to collaborate Step 1: Contact us to indicate your area of interest to collaborate. For example:
“I wish to increase my art sales”;
“I want to hold an exhibition/workshops at my gallery/space”;
“I seek for a stable of artist”;
“I like to sell the artworks in my gallery via online method”; etc.

Step 2: Upon receiving your request, we will come out with a plan and arrange a meeting with you.
Step 3: If both of us are agreeable to the discussed Terms and Conditions, then happy collaborating
Who is suitable We love to work with passionate, knowledgeable and organised art curators. Also, our art curators have to be proficient in writing and have good composition skills
What is the job scope Art curator collects artworks and organise them for exhibitions. The curator is also responsible for writing labels, interpret artworks, create catalog essays, and other content supporting art exhibitions.
Why partner with you We focus on building personal brand for independent art curator and market it. Be part of our expert team members which include graphic designer, marketing consultant, web developer, photo and videographer. Why be an independent art curator when you can have a team to back you up?
Where to curate It depends on the idea and speciality of each curation. It could be in an art gallery, an open space, a cafe, etc.
When should I join Now. Easy
How to partner with you Step 1: Email us your portfolio, indicating the exhibitions you had curated and the feedback you receive. Specify “JOB: ART CURATOR” to your email subject.
Step 2: If you are selected, we will discuss with you further for our partnering details.
Step 3: Be the Art Curator of the fast growing Art Community in Asia.
Who needs Artroom 22 NGO who looks forward to innovative fundraising method, attract volunteers as well as potential donations.
What kind of NGOs We work with all types of NGOs, such as NGO who is charitable orientation, service orientation, participatory orientation and/or empowering orientation.
Why How your Organisation appears online is very important. It affects the result on getting volunteers and sponsorship for the important work you do. We help to build your image and boost your presence online. We write insightful article for your ongoing projects and provide deeper insight to the public of your vision and missions.
Where to receive funding When you partner up with us, you will be the Starlight Receiver in the Starlight Points Rewarding Programme. All patron who made a purchase on our website will collect their Starlight Points. They have to donate 50% of their Starlight Points to any of our partner NGOs. We will then turn the collected Starlight Points into cash and donate to your organization.
When can I partner with you When you are ready to offer more helping hands to the community and receive funding in return from the public.
How is it working Step 1: Let us know that you would like to receive funding. Provide us with your organisation’s profile, ongoing and completed projects. Illustrate further the objective of your organisation and what you would like to achieve.
Step 3: We will provide you with more of our partnering details, including the Starlight Points Rewarding Programme.
Step 3: Become the Starlight Receiver and accept funding in no time!
Who are you looking for We love to turn dreams into reality. So, if you have any creative ideas or some dreams that you like to achieve, then you are the one!
What kind of projects We do offer to sell artworks in our Art Gallery (on behalf of Artist and Art Collector), receive orders for Commission Artworks, curate exhibitions, advertise and market workshops and offer internship programmes. Let us know if you like to be part of us! Also, we welcome any other ideas that you have in mind. Because we just can’t say no to creative ideas!
Why Why not?
Where is the place This depends very much on what project you would like to have. There’s no one fixed place for creativity to grow.
When to start The moment when your idea appears.
How to start Step 1: Tell us your idea, and about yourself. Illustrate further about your plan, objective and target audience.
Step 2: We will go through your plan and provide you with more details of our collaboration.
Step 3: Face to face meet up. Happy collaboration!
Mr. Lim Collector
Mr. Lim Collector
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“I love to buy original art but without deep pockets. Artroom 22 offers a wide range of price for so many high quality beautiful artworks!”
Hikaru Collector
Hikaru Collector
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“I am really impressed by the quality of the artwork I received. Very happy to know that my appreciation in art is supporting artists in Asia.”
Oskar Schmidt
Oskar Schmidt
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“Commissioned a painting with Artroom 22 recently. Super fast delivery and within my budget. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”
Victoria Williams, Collector
Victoria Williams, Collector
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“Really satisfied with the free shipping worldwide option Artroom 22 offered. No need to worry about the super high costs of delivering my artwork to Australia.”
Sharaf Alhothi, Artist Artroom 22
Sharaf Alhothi, Artist Artroom 22
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“Artroom 22 online art gallery is a beautiful great start up for the art market business here in KL. It will not only give opportunities for artist, but it will spread strong impact awareness message here in KL to show the true meaning value of art and it will help KL appreciate and understand the true meaning value of the art industry market business. Someday with a matter of time acknowledgment will happen.”
Choon, Artist Artroom 22
Choon, Artist Artroom 22
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“我已经加入 #artroom22 网路画廊一个月多,感谢画廊总监的耐心聆听。我的个人期待和要求也 都达成。虽然我一直烦总监。但总监大人总是细心帮小弟解决问题。感恩。目前为止我非常满意 画廊的服务。”
Ali norouzi, Artist Artroom 22
Ali norouzi, Artist Artroom 22
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“Thanks for what you guys are doing!” -- Ali Norouzi, Artist from Iran

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