Starlight Donation

What is Starlight Donation? Can I donate as well?

Yes, you can. When you purchase any item(s) on Artroom 22 website, you will collect Starlight Points. RM1 = 1 Starlight Point. So for example, you purchased a workshop which costs RM100, you will collect 100 Starlight Points.

Redeem 50% of your Starlight Points on your next purchase, your Starlight Points will automatically be applied first on checkout. Artroom 22 will collect the remaining 50% of your Starlight Points, turn them into cash and donate to your chosen NGOs.

We are in the midst of listing down our partner NGOs, interviewing them and publishing their story. In the meantime, you can buy any item(s) on the website and enjoy the discount for your next purchase. We will keep all users updated once this site is completed.

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