Lin Daud #Syawal

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Title: Syawal

Media: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 41cm x 31cm

Year: 2018

Artist: Lin Daud

Lin Daud #Syawal


“Bergema takbir di pagi raya
Menyambut menyambut Syawal bulan mulia
Uh! Bersyukur insan pada Yang Esa
Berhari raya kita semua

Pohon kemaafan doa restu dari mu ayah ibu
Dipagi hari raya ikhlas kasih anakmu
Keinsafan kesabaran bermaafan
Menjanji kita semua insan yang mulia”

Syawal is the tenth month of the lunar Islamic calendar. The origin of the word Syawal is from it’s Arabic counterpart, Shawwāl. The word stems from the verb shālla (شالَ) to ‘lift or carry’, generally to take or move things from one place to another. It is so named because a female camel normally would be carrying a fetus at this time of year. Syawal is a joyous yet reflective time for Muslims all across the world. It marks the end of the 30 day fasting of Ramadan, and marks the beginning of celebration. The first day of Syawal is usually when relatives come together to celebrate the beginning of the Raya Festivities.

In this Artwork Malaysia Artroom 22 by Lin Daud, the artist paints a scene where her very own daughter and relatives are lighting up sparklers to usher in the beginning of the Holy month. The sparklers light up the night sky around them, setting the mood for a good time. This scene may be a personal memory for the artist. However, it is a memory that can be shared by many other Muslims who celebrate this Holy time of the year. There is nothing quite like the gathering of family to bring joy and celebration into a home. It is a time where both the young and old are gathered for a common purpose.

This painting is one that tells a story many can relate to. Does this painting bring up memories of your very own joyous celebrations? Bring this Artwork Malaysia Artroom 22 by Lin Daud into your home. It will fill your space with an aura of gathering and joy.

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Styles: Modern & Contemporary
Format: Portrait
Technique: Hand painted
Size: 41cm x 31cm
Motif: Cultural, People, Naive
All Products: Painting
Color: Beige, Brown, Orange, Umber
Signature: With Signature
Material: Acrylic Paint
Number of Elements:: One-piece


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