Parames McNeill #Bailamos - Let's Dance

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Title: Bailamos – Let’s Dance

Media: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 76cm x 102cm

Year: 2013

Artist: Parames McNeill

Parames McNeill #Bailamos – Let’s Dance

Almost everyone had been through this. We couldn’t await to graduate from high school. We dreamt to attend that ball with ‘the lover’. We thought it would be happily ever after.

At that age, the heart was soft. It’s trembling because of excitement and the body was shaking because of the touching sensation. What is more, the eyes were watering because of parting and the brain was aching due to the unforeseeable future. The Artist, Parames captures precisely this moment in this affordable paintings in Malaysia. The moment of the dream as well as the fear.

That night, she was dressing in red. In fact, the red dress depicts her passions and readiness to face the unknowns with him. However, little did she know that she was too young while the future was too far away.

Over the years, she finally found ‘the one’ and built up a family. But it’s not him. The face of her partner of that ball night was blurred. She couldn’t recall his face after all these years. Certainly, it was just a flash thought after a lunch with her children.

As the years take a toll on us, we slowly realise that nothing else really matters when you are with the one you love. Thus, the dripping effect on the surrounding people in the affordable paintings in Malaysia. In all honesty, we all learn it the hard way.

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When creating each artwork, our artists utilise the whole range of their creative abilities, making every unique artwork a masterpiece. Therefore, all the hand painted pieces and photographs are completed with their signature.

Styles: Abstract
Format: Portrait
Technique: Hand painted
Size: 76cm x 102cm
Motif: People
All Products: Painting
Color: Red, Beige, Ochre, White, Black
Signature: With Signature
Material: Acrylic Paint
Number of Elements:: One-piece


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