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Lin Daud
Lin Daud. The artist, Lin Daud always paints her life story on the canvas. Hence, each of her paintings has a story to tell. Get inspired now from her naive art. They bring you back to your childhood and sparks the imagination within you. Truly, she has art collectors around the world, including USA.
May Lee
May Lee. May Lee has been painting for 6 years and is fond of portrait paintings. For her, portrait is effective to tell us about the person or the story about the person’s life. The artist May Lee reveals that a good portrait is not just a visual representation of a person; it will also unfold something about the essence of the person.
Cyan Low
Cyan Low. As every artist does, Cyan Low enjoys paintings very much for the past 10 years. However, he somehow felt a sense of aimlessness, as though he was wandering from canvas to canvas without any goal. One day, it was the Easter in 2018, Cyan regained his sense of purpose.
Charity Art Auction | Lim Meng Hong | Art Events and Exhibitions in KL
Art Events & Exhibitions

Art For Charity is The Art For All

Art has become the new fund-raising panacea in the recent years. This charity art auction aims to raise funds for the SMA. We are happy that 5 of our artists are participating for the good cause!

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Inspirational Art Quotes
The Story Behind

22 Inspirational Art Quotes

A compilation of inspirational art quotes that will inspire the artist in you and make you think twice. We resonate with the last one the most. You can read it once or twice, but you will only get it the third time.

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High Quality

We have high quality original artworks made by professionally trained or self-taught Asian artist who have years of experience in painting on canvas, creating sculptures and taking intriguing photographs. Every original artwork is a one of a kind with special attention to detail.

Affordable Prices

Buy & Sell your original Artwork in Asia. We operate on a 100% e-commerce model, thus avoiding the high costs of dealing with distributors and costs of retail. We make handmade, hand painted art and photographs accessible and affordable for style-conscious people.

Limited Editions

Many of our paintings, sculptures and photographs in our Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur are made in limited editions. This means that these original artwork are only available in limited and numbered editions. What is more exclusive than having an original artwork as an Art Investment which no one on earth has it!

Free Shipping

We offer free art shipping worldwide! Worry no more about the high costs of international delivery. There are no hidden costs. What you see is what you pay for, here you buy original art online.

7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to love your new original Art masterpiece. If you get your art home and don’t fall in love with it, we have got you covered. Our 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee allow you to return the artwork within 7 days from the time you receive it. You can now buy Asian Original Art with confidence!

Fast Delivery

Almost all of our paintings, wall decorations, sculptures and photographs are immediately ready to ship from our art shop online in Kuala Lumpur. No long waiting times for you!

Fair Working Conditions For Our Artists

Our top and famous Asian artists earn fair and secure wages. We make sure that our artists' working conditions meet our standards, so that you will have high quality original artwork.

High Quality Materials

Our paintings are created on high quality canvases with long lasting acrylic and oil paints that are harmless to health. Top Quality Art Investment. Buy and Sell Original Artwork Online in Asia with
Artroom 22.

Ready To Hang

We deliver your abstract painting from Kuala Lumpur already set up on a stable stretcher frame incl. attached suspension system. You can mount your wall decoration right away thanks to the eyelets on the back. Simply unwrap and hang up, without the tedious tinkering and assembly.

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