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Wan Zeti Fadhlina
Wan Zeti Fadhlina (WZF), also known as Zeti, is a self taught artist who was born and raised in Penang, Malaysia. Since at least the Renaissance, it is not much foreign to learn that mothers have encouraged — and sometimes inspired — artistic genius.
Peisy Ting
Peisey Ting. After more than a decade as an Art Director, Peisy sought to break free from the stressful advertising lifestyle to pursue an artistic path. After much trepidation, in 2015, she took a heartfelt leap to establish herself as an artist.
Erica Wee
Originally from Singapore, Erica Wee relocated to Kuala Lumpur with her family in 2007. After many years in business and entrepreneurship, Erica picked up her long-forgotten painting brushes in 2016 and fell in love all over again. Since then,
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Top 10 World Famous Paintings

Painting is one of the oldest art forms which started from charcoal creations on cave walls by our ancient ancestors. Throughout the centuries, different generations of artists have contributed their creativity and left their marks through the artworks. In fact, there are ten-thousand or even hundred-thousand of art pieces every year. But the public only

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Magazine #49 Cover Impressionism
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Understanding Impressionism

It is a split second of life, an ephemeral moment in time on the canvas. Understanding Impressionism within 5 minutes from this article!

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Orange: The colour or the fruit came first?

People often discuss about “whether chickens or eggs came first?” over dinner or gathering. As an art lover, it is time to bring the game to a whole new artistic level. Hence the question to you here: “whether orange the colour or orange the fruit came first?” The Bewildering Question Well, the meaning of orange

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