Our Story

“An Unprecedented Platform Which Connects All Walks Of Life Through Art”

Artroom 22 is founded on the basis to connect everyone through art. In Artroom 22, artists can share their talents with the world, collectors are satisfied with the new masterpiece on the wall, art lovers can learn how to make art in the hustle and bustle life and everyone can contribute to the society using Starlight Points.

With pioneering courage and team spirit, Artroom 22 breathes new life into the art world and forms a leading art community. Our philosophy is to make art available to everyone, as our slogan goes “We All Have The Same Heart”.

Our Team

Artist Kuala Lumpur | Ti Yi Rou | Original Artworks Kuala Lumpur

Ti Yi Rou

Founder, Creative Director

“Yi Rou is endowed with many powers from within and is grounded in practical terms. This allows her to conceive grandiose, far-reaching schemes and carry them through to the end. She always brings joys into people’s life and always possess a thirst for challenge and willingness to take risks. Her love for literature and art has made her become a lifetime seeker who approaches every domain of human endeavor in a dynamic and integrated way. WIth her knowledge, she is inspired to create a higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. Yi Rou holds a degree in law in the University of Liverpool and was called to the Malaysian Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor in 2019. Having the most powerful life path number 22, she is destined not to be ordinary in life. This is also why it is called, the Artroom 22.”

founder artroom22

Norbert Molzahn

Founder, Marketing Director

“As a life explorer, Norbert thrives on the spirit of adventures. He had traveled to almost half of the Earth, and had the opportunity to explore places from the sky down to the sea. This allows him to understand the human nature well and possess a deep understanding of customer-centric sales. Norbert spent the previous decade building technology competencies for retail giants and successfully repositioned the company’s brand to accelerate growth in both the customer and enterprise, most notably as Groupon in Germany and Zen Spa in Vietnam. He is a Certified Engineer and was serving in the world leading automobile company, Audi. With Norbert, Artroom 22 determines not only to become the leading art community service provider locally, but also to expand it internationally.”


Graphic Designer

“Emilie has lived and travelled around the world, developing her skills in the different disciplines of Design. This shapes her into a well explored creative mind. As an ambitious, competitive and goal-oriented person, Emilie runs a Creative Agency, while simultaneously expanding her skills by pursuing a Masters in Marketing. Emilie is always up for a challenge , seeking diversity and uniqueness in the projects she works on. Emilie believes that the key to a united world comes only through discovery and experiencing of the cultures, countries and lifestyles, foreign from our own. 

Her philosophy is that, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”.


web developer

“Cifar is gifted with his exceptional creative skills and he yearns to share his creative talents with the world. He is a web-developer and also a UX/UI designer.

Being a happy and inspired person, Cifar constantly seeks stimuli of similar people. His biggest inspiration is the former United States National Security Advisor, Colin Powell, which he once said. ‘A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work’. Cifar holds this principle dearly which brings him to where is he now. Cifar is currently pursuing his study in the University of Chittagong under Mathematics department. With Cifar, Artroom 22 will definitely bring you a great user experience”

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