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Artroom 22 offers artists the opportunity to present their work to a wide range of national and international art collectors. This benefits artists who would like to promote their work and advance their careers.

Connecting artists from all around the world and supporting artists on their creative journey are what we are here for. Not only do we help to connect artists with the potential art collectors, but also bridge the gap between artists and the supportive community. Everything is made with love and made for you here.

Membership Plans

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  • Artworks To Display
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Optimised Online Presence
  • Creative Content Creation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Ads Marketing
  • Get Featured in Magazine
  • Premium Artist Careline
  • Premium Artist Marketing

  • Suitable for

  • Terms of Payment


per year
  • Up To 5 artworks
  • Enjoy original price
  • Budding artist or hobbyist who enjoy painting during his/her leisure time
  • Yearly Payment


per year
  • Up To 10 artworks
  • Enjoy original price
  • Artist who is trying to turn his/her hobby into a serious career in the artistry field
  • Yearly Payment


per year
  • Up To 20 artworks
  • 50% off for sign up fees
  • Established artist who is serious about his/her artistic career in the art industry
  • Yearly Payment

Additional Services

Ad hoc basis

Door to Door Photoshooting 112
International Paid Ads Marketing 140

Frequently Asked Questions

Artroom 22 provides a platform for artists to sell their original works in a variety of mediums, including but not limited to painting, collage, photography, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, handmade craft, etc.

Efficient marketing campaigns capitalise on all channels for advertising. This international paid ads marketing we offer is to target audience and customers outside from your origin country. Although this costs more than earned advertising, international paid forms are an effective way to expose your name and exposure to a wider audience.

Yes, you can. For upgrading your plans, you only need to pay the price difference between your existing plans and your preferred plan. Additionally, a minimal service fees will incur for changing your membership plan.

We do not recommend this as we have customised keywords for each of your painting and optimised their online presence. Contact us if you really wish to do so. A service fees will incur for this process.

We receive yearly payment. You can make the payment at once and enjoy peace of mind.

If you are selling things online, that basically means that you are asking people to buy something without seeing it physically. With that in mind, what they see is one of the most important factors.

Door-to-door photo shooting is a service provided by us to attend to your studio personally and take photos of your artworks. We make sure every aesthetic detail is highlighted and your message is communicated through the photograph. A bonus for you is that, we will also interview you and feature you in our Magazine. This service is only available to certain locations. Chat with us to see if your location is within our list!

Artroom 22 supports the work of all emerging and established artists in Asia. If you are an artist who lives in Asia or established in Asia, then you are potentially The One! Send us your artist portfolio and a minimum 5 of your artworks to our email at impact@artroom22.com. We will get back to you within 48 hours as to whether you are selected!

Send us your artist portfolio and a minimum 5 of your artworks to our email at impact@artroom22.com. We will get back to you within 48 hours as to whether you are selected! Want to know more? Just chat with us via the chat box at the bottom right corner.

Your bring yourself here. Time to listen to your inner voice and explore new ways to connect.

Tell Us More About You!

Testimonial From Artists

“It is not easy for a new artist like me to join any art platform. Thank you very much for helping me Artroom 22! Now I have more confidence in my arts and finally meet someone with the same passions in this creative journey.” 

-- Aishah, Artist from Indonesia

“Really happy to have my artwork delivered to country other than Malaysia (Australia) the first time!!! As an artist, I only know how to paint and create things I love. Never thought that would be someone out there who would love my creations. Appreciate that you all give me an opportunity to join you.”

-- Shu Meng, Artist from Malaysia

“My region here does not have a supportive community. Happy to come across this platform and help grow my networks.”

-- Firuz, Hand Crafter from Iran

“Come visit and get inspired! Don’t miss out any little details they put up there! A place where you can appreciate art pieces from all over the world.” 

-- Sue, Graphic Designer from Malaysia

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