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Connect to hundreds of Top influencers who have professional content creating skills
Artroom22 Art Community a Huge Diversity, social interaction and solidarity Network

Stimulating Engagement

Promoting Product



Brand Coverage

  • Cover more than 16 million social Internet users in Malaysia
  • Social Media coverage
  • Facebook 70% 16.8M user / Youtube 69% 16.6M user / Instagram 49% 11.8M user

Lead Conversion

  • More than half of Malaysia customers, are influence by Social Media networks in their shopping habits both online and in-store 

Potential Customer

  • 9 million audiences who love Art and Art related Products
  • 5 million audiences who like Events and Lifestyle
  • 3 million audiences who care about Interior design and trends 

Sales conversion

  • 10 million customer regularly shop on social networks 

Why choose Artroom22 Influencer Artist Marketing

Multi-Channel Approach

Focus on hundreds of Top influencer who have professional content creating skills in and around Art

Creative Content Creations

We write quality artwork descriptions, SEO focused social media posts, your unique and distinctive story. You will be featured in our Magazine and our focus is to deliver real value.

Optimized Operating Cost

Your budget is directly charged through our ads system without a middle-man. Relax and see your Sales increase

Accurate Targeting

Through user analysis technology, audience targeting is 80% more accurate than conventional method

Intelligent Report

Detailed and Intuitive Report System helps you easily analyse and assess the effectiveness of your campaign

Creator On The Rise

We visited a senior artist’s studio one day. While we were astonishing by just how amazing his paintings are, he said “I am a great artist, but a bad businessman. Can you help me?

Indeed, we are in the era that witnesses rapid technology change and we have no reason why not to catch the train/trend. In Artroom 22, we build up an Art / Artist Influencer Community which creates influencer and content marketing platform. This is specially designed for artists who are aspired to increase his/her own brand awareness and inspire art sales

Our expertise in Artist Marketing and Deal Making for creative entrepreneurs, such as artists, has been over a decade. By dealing with international art galleries and making cross-border sales for B2B and B2C, we have had a great understanding of how artists can market and brand themselves.

This Creator On The Rise Programme is designed to target your niche market and turn your prospect into customers. Be prepared to see the increasing of ROI and incredible growth in your art business after enrolling in this Creator On The Rise Programme. Not only that, you can enjoy all services provided under Artroom 22 for FREE. Book a consultation.

Who Needs This

You are too focused on painting and too busy to manage marketing by yourself. 

You look forward to sell your artworks.

You want the world to know about you and your creations.

You strive for opportunities and improvement in your art career.

You strive for opportunities and improvement in your art career. 


“Month-to-Month. No Long Term Contract. No Commitment.”

Budding Influencer

  • Quick View
    RM 8000


No Sign Up Fees 

No Long Term Contract. 

Premium Influencer

  • Quick View
    RM 16000


No Sign Up Fees

No Long Term Contract. 

Diamond Influencer

  • Quick View
    RM 35000


No Sign Up Fees 

No Long Term Contract. 

We Focus on Service

Enjoy the following in your selected package
Budding-1.png Budding Influencer Premium-1.png Premium Influencer Diamond-1.png Diamond Influencer

Account Management

- Campaign Management
- Campain Influence
- Opportunity Management
- Task Management, Activity Feed
- Web-to-lead Capture
- Account and Contact Management
In order to establish a clear picture of your digital footprint on the internet, our Account Team will manage the daily activities of your account. It is noteworthy that the key to success is to have an excellent customer service care. Therefore, our Account Team ensures to follow up with all prospects on a daily basis, so you won’t miss out any opportunities.

Social Media Posting

- Managing Social Network Focus
Instagram and Facebook
- Content Marketing
- Engagement Monitoring
- 100% Manually and Organic Engagement
- Monitor and Analyse
We do quality content marketing to expand your niche market and for them to reach your art business. We help you to create and share valuable free content to attract and convert prospects to customers, customers to repeat buyers. We provide the right formula for you to stand out, stay on top and keep growing your base.

Online Marketing

- Email, Mobile and Web Marketing
- Campaign Management
- Personalised Journey Builder
- High Engagement
- Content Marketing
- Data and Analysis
- Community Engagement and Social Care
Online Marketing isn’t just about drawing and building traffic anymore. What really matters is how you turn the traffic into sales. Here, we tailor a comprehensive digital marketing solution for you. Not only helping you in improving online visibility, but also in generating sales and improving revenue per customer. We make sure your art business finds success in the digital world.

Design Marketing Calendar

-Google Trends
-Google Search
-Campaign Optimisation
-Data and Analytics
-Targeting Country Specific Post
We design your Content Calendar in advance. We curate the content for the appropriate feed and schedule posts to publish on cross-network. This strategises the optimal searchable posts. We also look closely to the Google trend, making sure that you use the best trending and searchable hashtags to optimise your niche market.

Graphic Design

-Design and Development
-Marketing Visual Media
-Brochures, Flyer, Poster, Icons, Banner, Roll-Up, Business Card, Slideshows, Business card, Thumbnails and more
90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. With that said, Graphic Design is a key component in the marketing world to build your personal brand awareness and influence the customer’s decision making process. With our Graphic Design Team, you can spark more interest and engagement on your site. It also creates a great way to connect more emotionally with your niche audience.

Online Reputation Monitoring

-Content Tracking
-Security Advice
- Non Disclosure Agreement
- Comment Tracking and Monitoring
Reputation is what we treasure the most. With this in mind, we conduct health check regularly to identify harmful activity and issues, such as spam posts, problems with analytics, profanity, etc.

Quality Onsite SEO

-SEO Search Engine optimisation
-SMO Social Media optimisation
-Target Keywords
-Link Building
-Alt/Title attributes
-XML, Analytics Report
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not just search engine ranking. We provide quality onsite SEO services, in which our SEO experts formulate a custom strategy based on your goals and artist’s career analysis. With continuous performance tracking and timely SEO refinement, we make sure you stay ahead in the race.


Quality Offsite SEO

-Whitehat SEO
- High Standard Penguin and Panda save
-SEM Search Engine marketing
-DA/PA/TF/DR, Tier 1/2/3
-SEO Strategy
-ADwords optional
Citation in SEO is a key factor in improving your search results and boosting your ranking on internet. You gain additional value because citation provides an extra data point that helps the search engines to connect real people to your business and help with organic growth.

Video Marketing

-Full Service Solutions
-Multiple Marketing Videos
-On and Offline
-Social Media Productions
-Magazine Featured
-Content Management
We are in the era of Video Marketing which is the easiest and most inventive way to reach customers. Videos stand out because it gives customers a quick overview of you through a short and visually-appealing video. Our Video Marketing team crafts a strategy for your video-marketing activities to optimise your reach. From video-shooting, to post-productions, we’ve got you covered.

Online Project Management

- Monitoring
- Data and Task Management
- Activity Feed
- Call to Action
- Efficient Identity Technology Software
You have an idea for a project, but you are confused because you have too many directions to go. Here, our Project Management Team breaks down the idea and realises it for you. We set a timeline for your project to keep track and on time. By keeping your priorities straight and your goals in sight, you can easily manage your daily works by just following the plan. More importantly, we monitor the progress closely and analyse result to keep a clear system of record of your project.

Web Development

- E-Commerce Functionality
- Responsive Design
- Content Upload
- Design Customisation
- Redesign old Page
- Plugin Installation
- SSL and Backup
Websites are not just online brochures. We build your personal website with influencer marketing in mind. This means that we build website that represent the positioning of your brand, customer engagement, market expansion and business credibility. Our UX/UI designers ensure a great user experience and generate new sales and new leads for your website.

Writing Constructive Business Plan

- Detailed and Complete Business Plan
- 3 years Financial Plan
- Investor Ready
Angel Investors are the business angels who invest and inject capital for startups. So if you are looking to expand your art business to a bigger scale and looking for money to grow, an Angel Investor is a great channel for you. Although the relationships with Angel Investor are more personal, it does not mean casual. Here, we ensure you to be ready for it. From building a fundamental base for your art business to writing a constructive business proposal, we prepare you thoroughly to attract angel funding.

Monthly Analytics Report

-Director Advisory
-Highly Optimised
Monthly Analytics Report is important because it summarises the previous month’s data as well as monitors your account health and performance. With consistent metrics for comparing the value of your influencers and campaigns, we ensure the growth of your ROI.

E-Commerce Built In & Marketing

-Customized Top Notch Design
-Customized High Conversion Premium Theme
-Payment Gateway
-Full Fulfillment
-Dropshipping service
-Unlimited Products & Pages
-SSL and Backup
-24/7 customer Support
-High Security Standard
To build an e-commerce platform on your website can somehow drive the top traffic and convert into sales. Unfortunately, in a constantly changing and increasingly competitive environment, this is not always the case. Without pounding the pavement to build awareness, all your efforts could mean nothing. But don’t worry. With our expert’s breadth of knowledge and vast experience in marketing, not only we build in an e-commerce platform, we also take care of the marketing side for you. This can effectively scale your art business as well as generate sales and positive momentum.

Advance Website Performance

-On Demand 24/7 Customer Service
-24/7 Technical Support
- Full Time Engagement
- Unlimited Access to Admin Service
-Cloud Integration
-Case Management
-Redundant data Security Server
Poor website performance causes poor end-user experience. Research shows that a half-second delay was enough to annoy user and turn 20% of users away from your website. Therefore, we monitor website performance 24/7. Our Website Performance Team analyses user behaviour to optimise customer experience, tracks customer adoption to maintain focus on important new-feature development as well as fixes JavaScript errors in order to improve performance and prevent the costly loss of site visitors.

Ad Management

-0% Service Fee
-100% AD Investment
- Google Adwords
-Social Media Campaign and Promotions
Ad Management is an integral part for your art sales. Here, we help you to build, nurture and convert new audiences on mobile and desktop. We focus on digital strategy, in particular B2B and B2C. We break down the critical components of Ad Management and set your ROI soaring.

Consulting Service & Strategy Development

-Director Advisory
-Ongoing Adjustment and Improvements
Our Marketing Consultants analyse your art business thoroughly from every perspective, and develop strategies according to your niche market. We provide solutions to increase your art sales and advise the precise actions you need to take for you to gain clarity and focus. We also leverage the technology and tactics in the most effective manner.

Be Your Own Director

Create your own package

Be Your Own Director

Sign Up Fees Apply.

On top of the Budding Influencer Package, you can additionally pick and match the extra services you like to have. If you choose to become the Creator On The Rise, why not to be the best? Contact Us.

Estimated Monthly Income For You : It varies depending on the package you tailor for yourself!.

**Sign Up Fees is a one time payment and lasts for life time
**First Month Free Trial (Sign Up Fees remain)
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