Hanging Instructions

How To Hang Art

First time buying an artwork? Have no clue on how to hang the painting? Worry no more. Here are simple 4 steps for you!

Step 1:
Place your artwork at eye height (150cm)

2/3 of the painting below this mark, 1/3 above. For example, if the painting is 90cm in height, the upper edge would be 180cm.

Step 2A:
For painting's width less than 100cm

Determine the centre of the painting’s upper edge and mark this point on your wall using a pencil. Drill holes for approximately 6cm below that point.

Step 2B:
For painting's width more than 100cm

Starting from the centre of the painting’s upper edge, determine two points at a large distance from each other and mark them using a pencil. Drill the holes for approximately 6cm below below each point.

Step 3:
Drill the hole and fasten the screw

Drill the hole and Insert the screw. Allow the screw to be protruded for approximately 1.5cm.

Step 4:
Align and Done!

Readjust and align your painting. Then enjoy the sight of your the masterpiece on your wall!

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