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Erica Wee

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2020
"Originally from Singapore, Erica Wee relocated to Kuala Lumpur with her family in 2007...Read More"

Famous Artist Today | Ernesto Pujazon | Art Gallery in Malaysia

Ernesto Pujazon

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"Ernesto Pujazon was the Former Head of School for Taylor’s Design School, Taylor’s University in 2019. Currently, he is...Read More"

Hana Ikmal

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2020
"Hana Ikmal loves using palette knives with a dynamic style, you can see colourful liveliness in her textured paintings...Read More"

Buy Art Malaysia | JS Mohan | Abstract Painting Kuala Lumpur

J.S. Mohan

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"J.S Mohan considers himself as a self-taught artist. Although he has never been to any of the art school, he reads A LOT. He...Read More"

Surrealism Artworks | Kumar Nagalingam | The Lawful Artist

Kumar Nagalingam

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"Kumar is a spiritual and wise man. You could talk hours and hours with him and never get bored. I mean, he has all the ...Read More"

Art Shop Online | Lin Daud | Original Artwork Malaysia Artroom 22

Lin Daud

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"The artist, Lin Daud always paints her life story on the canvas. Hence, each of her paintings has a story to tell. Get inspired...Read More"

Floral Paintings | Margaret Ng | Art Gallery in Malaysia

Margaret Ng

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"As a floral painting artist, Margaret Ng does not merely paint flowers. Instead, she uses form, colour and composition to...Read More"

Affordable Portrait Paintings | May Lee | Art Gallery

May Lee

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"May Lee has been painting for 6 years and is fond of portrait paintings. For her, portrait is effective to..Read More"

Affordable Paintings in Asia | Michelle Hart | Art Shop Online

Michelle Hart

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"After a long day, having a glass of wine and listening to music while painting is what she longs for. Being a mother,...Read More"

Malaysian artist Michael Lip | Landscape Architecture | Artroom 22

Michael Lip

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2020
"Micheal Lip was born in 1949 in Ipoh,Perak. He calls himself a "Born Again" artist. The reason ,...Read More"

Nancy Lau Artist Photo

Nancy Lau

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"Nancy Lau is among a few of the achievers who have succeeded in realising her dream, turning her passion into...Read More"

Art Gallery in Malaysia | Nazhatulshima N | Artist Malaysia Artroom 22

Nazhatulshima Nolan

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"There was one day when Nazhatulshima woke up and found out that she could not handle anything she...Read More"

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