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Affordable Paintings in Asia | Nazurah Usop | Original Artworks

Nazurah Usop

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"Nazurah Usop, who is also known as doodlesandcolors, enjoys adding a unique perspective to her works in order to...Read More"

Visual Photographer | Rizacan Kumas | Art Shop Online

Rizacan Kumas

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"Rizacan Kumas, an adventurer photographer who specialises in Photography Documentary. He had travelled...Read More"

Visual Photographer | Sharaf Alhothi | Famous Photographers

Sharaf Alhothi

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"“Seeing what is invisible to others, is my vision in art. Capturing the darkness of mystery, dealing with forces beyond...Read More"

Malaysian Arts | Sheau Hoi | Buy & Sell Original Artwork Online in Asia

Sheau Hoi

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"Sheau Hoi always loves simple, clean and nice. This quality has been translated to each detailed and meticulous...Read More"

Original Artwork Malaysia | Shelly Wu | Malaysian Arts

Shelly Wu

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"Shelly Wu begins her art journey since May 2015. Before that, she was just a full time white-collar worker. She..Read More"


Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"An abstract painter, Tantiyana shares her artistic inspiration with the viewer of her artworks. She connotes...Read More"

Thong Artist Photo


Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"Due to the 5 year rule of the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s, 90% of the artists were killed as a result of brutal and...Read More"

Artist Kuala Lumpur | Ti Yi Rou | Original Artworks Kuala Lumpur

Ti Yi Rou

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"Yi Rou is inspired to create higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. That is why there is always an...Read More"

Malaysian artist Wan Zeti Fadhlina | Paintings online in Artroom 22

Wan Zeti Fadhlina

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2020
" banker by profession, Zeti has always been passionate about art...Read More"

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