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Malaysian Artist | Adrienne Loi | Buy & Sell Original Artwork in Malaysia

Adrienne Loi

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"As a full time artist, Adrienne Loi always try to express that inner intuition and kind of semi-conscious...Read More"

Artists in Pasar Seni | Agus Dhanik | Top Malaysian Artist Artroom 22

Agus Dhanik

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"Agus Dhanik is one of the rarest people who can paint with both of his hands. While you are fascinating about how lucky...Read More"

Ali Norouzi Artist Photo

Ali Norouzi

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"Ali Norouzi is an Iran artist who has been immersed in the art field for more than 25 years. His knowledge ranges from ...Read More"

Alice Wong | The Modern Artists in Asia | Artroom 22

Alice Wong

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2020
"Alice Wong’s artwork reflects honest display of meditative passage in dealing with ever overwhelming changes ...Read More"

Abstract Painting Kuala Lumpur | A Zaki Hadri | Famous Malaysian Artist

A Zaki Hadri

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"Abu Zaki Hadri was born in an artistic family. His late father, Hj Mansor Ghazali was a visual arts teacher especially...Read More"

Malaysian Artist | BK Yap | Famous Malaysian Artworks | Artroom 22 Affordable paintings in Asia Arowana Fish feng shui art

BK Yap

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"BK Yap is known for his expertise in painting the high level realism of Arowana fish, which viewers almost think they are real. He...Read More"

Original Artwork Malaysia | Choon | Art Gallery in Malaysia Artroom 22


Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"Despite being visually impaired with only 6/60 visual acuity in both eyes, Choon never gave up to be an artist, a real artist...Read More"

Famous Malaysian Artworks | Cyan Low | Buy Art Malaysia Artroom 22

Cyan Low

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"As every artist does, Cyan Low enjoys paintings very much for the past 10 years. However, he somehow felt a sense of aimlessness, as...Read More"

Buy Art Malaysia | Dr Robert Ling | Art Shop Online Artroom 22

Dr Robert Ling

Joined Artroom 22 Since: 2019
"Dr Robert Ling is a doctor as well as an artist. He started to paint in the third year of his medical school in 1968. Indeed, he...Read More"

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