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Are you your best voice?

Regardless how big or small your business is, you will need to write a blog, social media post, website content, advertisements, etc. All these are known as copy. A person dedicated to writing this kind of content is known as a copywriter. Many small businesses try to create copy on their own, but it is time to consider outsourcing it.

While you are your own best copywriter and content creator for your brand, it will likely eat into your already busy schedule. Because content creation takes up most of the time, leaving you with limited or no time for the main tasks that you should have done for your business. Moreover, to write a copy that draws traffic, engages readers and converts leads, it requires a lot of time and skills.

Statistics and Facts

  • 73% of companies hire someone to do their content strategy.
  • 60.8% of marketers agree visual content is absolutely necessary.
  • Incorporating SEO, link building, keywords and other techniques into articles and blogs replaces paid ads.
  • Messages that are written in plain English receive 36% more responses.
  • Personalised calls to action are 200% more effective.

Tell Us What You Are Looking For

Artist Statement / Biography

A well-written artist statement creates an important bridge between you and your buyers. It will appeal to their senses and offer them more ways to connect with you. More importantly, it provides a better understanding of your work and gives your readers more reasons to want what it is you are selling.

However, not all artists are writers and some find this task daunting. Here, we help to clarify ideas and write a brief, relevant and compelling artist statement and biography tailored for you.

Blog Posts and Articles

Many magazines and journals are accepting submissions for articles. This allows readers and audiences to share their insights and inspiration with each other.

If you spot a Magazine that you like to be featured in or you own a blog, but do not know how to write a well-thought out and professionally presented essay, this is what you need here. Good news is, our Magazine is open for submissions too! Check out some featured articles from The Story Behind.

Social Media Content

Social media marketing strategy is important and its content acts as the voice of your brand. You will need to be a pro in your niche as well as to create attention-grabbing contents.

Our job here is to be your voice. We create contents for your social media platforms. From entertaining to educational, the posts we create cater to the interest of your target audience, be it videos, photos, or infographics.

Exhibition Proposals

The Exhibition Proposal is a detailed concept for an exhibition. It could be tedious especially when you have so much to focus on your creativity.

Here, we write a ready-to-go Proposal for you. You can submit to your exhibiting galleries hassle-free. If you are planning to have an exhibition, head over to our Curatorial Service. We provide you with a one-stop solution, from writing exhibition proposals to putting up your show.

Website Contents

Your website content can help with brand awareness and it can draw traffic, engage readers and convert leads. It is critical to sales.

According to study, people scan-read web pages in an F pattern. As a result, they read the third word on a line much less often than the first two words. We help to anticipate this and put your most important copy at the beginning of the line to achieve the best possible result for you.


Besides all the mentioned aspects, our copywriters have been helping many creative industries and individuals in developing different types of copies, including visual art book, press release, illustration booklet, quotes for postcards, etc.

Chat with us if you need to gear up on a project or a few articles at a time. We have copywriters to meet your content needs.

Right Content for the Right Place,
at the Right Time

Not only do we copywriting, but also act as your content creator with up-to-date digital marketing strategy. We incorporate SEO, link building, keywords and other techniques into your marketing copy. This can boost your ranking in Google search engines without appearing too obvious in the process.
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Benefits of using a copywriter

Our copywriting services incorporate various SEO strategies in the texts. For example, the copywriter inserts keywords in a natural and meaningful way. With short or long-tail keywords that work best for your audience, this will make sure your web pages are spotted by search engines like Google. After all, the ultimate aim of your website is to be found by search engines, isn’t it?

Also, the content creator will create content with a firm marketing strategy in mind. We will talk to you and understand your marketing concepts. Then, we create content utilising your business vision, features, target audience, and benefits for the market. This in return will improve your business strategy.

In fact, the most time consuming part of copywriting is NOT the writing, it is the research. This explains why 73% of companies hire someone to do their content strategy.

Let us be your story teller

Check out some of the featured articles

Sharaf Alhothi Cultivated, #04, 2020 | culture | artroom 22 copy

Cultivated (2020)

One hopes that the majority are not forgotten, the ones who are just getting on with life, loving, living, contributing, still aspiring, still here. As his mother put it, “I will always and forever believe in my son.” What an inspiring journey.


We curate customized Social Media Profile for You!

Testimonial From Clients

“I am a great artist, BUT I can’t write. I have a lot of stories to tell for every piece of my artwork but I just can’t put them down on paper. Thank you for translating all my ideas into words, especially my recent work “Rock Series”. Now more people are able to understand and appreciate it.”

-- JS Mohan, Artist from KL, Malaysia

booked for Social Media posts

“Artroom 22 is a very helpful platform that supports both the artist and art scene. I had a great experience with their curatorial services which allowed me to meet many inspiring people.”

-- Afraa Ahmed, Artist from Yemen

booked for Artist Statement/Bio and Exhibition Proposal

“Woooooow, this is beyond amazing! Great beautiful job. You just defined the story of my life perfectly. Thank you so much for featuring the Nothingness. Book for another copywriting service for my visual art book, my heart is burning with full fire excitement. I can see your vision in delivering it along with Artroom 22. I believe in it so much! ”

-- Sharaf Alhothi, Artist from Yemen

booked for Magazine Article and Visual Art Book

“They provide me with a visually appealing presentation with nice graphic designs. Artroom 22 even took a step further to provide us with both English and Chinese version of the writing, which saved us lots of time and effort in translating it. Look forward to our Mural Art Project soon.”

-- SJK(C) Sempalit, primary school in Pahang, Malaysia

booked for Corporate Presentation

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Premium Artist Marketing

We are in the era that witnesses rapid technology change. It is safe to say that you are almost a "non-existence" if you could not be found online. This Premium Artist Marketing programme is specially designed for artists and businesses who are aspired to optimise their online presence and inspire art sales.
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