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Commissioning or On Demand Painting is the process by which you, as a collector, request an artist to create a unique piece of artwork according to your needs and budget, matching color and style to personality.

Our main role here is to liaise between you and the artist. We talk everything through with you and help to clarify ideas. Once you have decided, we take care of written agreements and make sure communication runs fluidly between you and the commissioned artist. We will also organize site visits if necessary. You prefer a commission Artwork made only for you? Select your favorite Artist or screen his Artwork we do the rest for you.

The pricing of the painting depends on the size, media and complexity of the painting. Here is a non-exclusive illustration of the pricing table.

Here are some examples of the commission paintings by our artists-

Tell Us What and How You want!

Acrylic PaintingRM 600RM 10500
Oil PaintingRM 800RM 14500
Soft PastelRM 300RM 3500
WatercolourRM 400RM 4500

How Is It Done?

The artwork you love is sold, or not in the size you want? Don’t worry, you can commission an
artwork in Malaysia now from our Asian artists.

Step 1: Enquire & Quotation
Simply fill in the form below and tell us how and what you want. We will get back to you within
24 hours with a quotation for the cost. The quote you receive will be for an artwork that is
delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world! Continue To Read More…

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