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Our Art Gallery not only showcases the original artworks of established and emerging artists from Asia, it also showcases artworks of talented students from the workshops we hold. The objective of this gallery is to cultivate the creativity lies in everybody, and at the same time giving opportunities to all patrons to contributing to the society through a unique reward system (Starlight Points) specially designed in Artroom 22.

Buying Process

Buy Artwork Online in Asia for Home and Interior Design

Step 1:
Add To Cart / Make An Offer

Choose your favorite artworks and Add To Cart. If you love the painting and would love to offer a different price, choose the option “Make An Offer”. Fill in the form and specify your offer price. We will get back to you in 24 hours.

Ship Artwork to Australia Service Home and Interior Design

Step 2:
Choose Your Preferred Shipping Method

In the Cart Totals, you can choose the options of “Free Shipping”, “Local Pickup” or “Personally delivered by Artist”. For the last option, you will meet the Artist personally (if circumstances permit) and have a chat with him/her to know the stories beyond the beautiful masterpiece.

Sell Art online in Asia Service in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Step 3:
Proceed To Checkout

Fill in your Billing Details when you proceed to checkout. Choose your preferred banking method. Tick the box after you have read and agree the Terms and Conditions of the website.

Easy step to buy Art online in Thailand

Step 4:
Place Order

Double check the details and place your order. You will  then receive your Starlight Points where you can and donate to the one in needs! Read more about Starlight Points.

Buy Art online in China easy and simple

Step 5
Wait For Your Artwork!

Receive Your Confirmation Email within 24 hours. And wait for your masterpiece!

Sell Your Original Artworks Online

Looking to sell your original artworks online and expand your art collectors to the world? We are here to help! Artroom 22 specialises in Artist Marketing and Branding. We also provide copywriting service for artists, including but not limited to featuring you in our magazine, composing your artwork description with Google SEO focused keywords, social media postings, and more…

Selling Process

Art shipping to states from asia Service

Step 1:
Email Us Your Portfolio

Get in touch with us by sending your Artist Portfolio to You can also Contact Us here. 

Sell Art in Asia Malaysia Artist guide to make money

Step 2:
The Art Consignment and Sale Agreement

We will reply to you within 24 hours. If you are selected, we will send you an Art Consignment and Sale Agreement (“Agreement”). Please sign and return the Agreement if you are agreeable to the terms and conditions stated therein. Read more about Membership Prices

Make Money with Art Sell Art in Kuala Lumpur

Step 3:
Make Payment for the Applicable Fees

Enjoy our services immediately upon making the payments. Read more about  

Earn Money with Art Sell Art in Kuala Lumpur

Step 4:
Peace of Mind

Just paint your best and let us do the rest. We take care of the photo post production, uploading it to our Website and marketing it. We are here to provide you a peace of mind.  

Earn selling artworks online

Step 5:
See it Grows!

What is more excited than seeing your artworks to be loved by someone who is connected with it!   Read more in about here Work with us.

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What Artists Say

“我已经加入 #artroom22 网路画廊一个月多,感谢画廊总监的耐心聆听。我的个人期待和要求也 都达成。虽然我一直烦总监。但总监大人总是细心帮小弟解决问题。感恩。目前为止我非常满意 画廊的服务。”

Ali Norouzi Artist Photo

Ali Norouzi, Iranian Artist

“Thanks for what you guys are doing!” — Ali Norouzi, Artist from Iran 

Visual Photographer | Sharaf Alhothi | Famous Photographers

Sharaf Alhothi,Yemeni Artist

“Artroom 22 online art gallery is a beautiful great start-up for the art market business here in KL. It will not only give opportunities for artist, but it will spread strong impact awareness messages here in KL to show the true meaning value of art and it will help KL appreciate and understand the true meaning value of the art industry market business. Someday with a matter of time acknowledgment will happen.”

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