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Artroom 22 is an unprecedented platform which connects collectors, art lovers, emerging and established artist and charitable organisations with a unique Starlight point rewarding system. Artroom 22 hosts a diverse programme of exhibitions and workshops for everyone who loves to discover the artist that has been hidden deep inside.

Yi Rou is an artist herself. She has participated and organised various art exhibitions locally and internationally. She is also active in volunteering and communities contribution. This makes Yi Rou inspires to bridge the gap between the privileged and less privileged through art and words. Her combined experience in law and art as well as the extensive knowledge and experience of our team members, Artroom 22 is marching towards the direction of becoming the largest art marketplace in Asia by connecting all of us with art.

Equally important, Norbert has extensive experience in managing international businesses, online art galleries and connecting artists with various art collectors worldwide. Surely, with Norbert’s expertise in B2B and B2C Business Development Art Influencer Marketing is following the trend. In charge of developing new Art features for our Platform and creating value for our Artist. Artroom 22 will shortly introduce the new Art Value Rating algorithm, a unique protocol based on AI and Blockchain for a bright future. A new step to help our participating Artist, to continue what the love most.

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