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Malaysia Coronavirus Update | Artroom 22 | COVID-19 News

Malaysia Coronavirus Update: How Artists Use Creativity to Overcome Adversity

Find out how these people find ways to overcome adversity and went on to live life the fullest in spite of hardships and constraints.

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questions artists hate | FAQ for art | Artroom 22

Questions Artists “Hate”

This list of Freaking Annoying Questions received a huge response on the Instagram post earlier. Definitely a big NO NO and you should NEVER ask this to any artist. Check it out!

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coronavirus outbreak | covid-19 | international art news | artroom 22

Shed Some Lights Amid The Coronavirus Outbreak Globally

China has reported no new cases for the first time since the pandemic began! Tired of hearing the worrying updates about coronavirus outbreak? Feed yourself with some positive international and local art news here.

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5 Tips for The Self Taught Artists

Do you feel isolated from the artist community as a self taught artist? Or looking for some inspirations in the midst of your artist block? Here are the 5 tips for you!

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Charity Art Auction | Lim Meng Hong | Art Events and Exhibitions in KL

Art For Charity is The Art For All

Art has become the new fund-raising panacea in the recent years. This charity art auction aims to raise funds for the SMA. We are happy that 5 of our artists are participating for the good cause!

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Inspirational Art Quotes

22 Inspirational Art Quotes

A compilation of inspirational art quotes that will inspire the artist in you and make you think twice. We resonate with the last one the most. You can read it once or twice, but you will only get it the third time.

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