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Artroom 22 | Importance of framing | Art News In Asia
Interesting Facts

Should I Frame My Artwork?

Our collectors told us that its frame is one of the main reasons they bought the painting! Here, we are going to reveal the art collector’s mind. And you will know how framing your artworks increase your sales dramatically.

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Artist Malaysia | Ethen Ng | Original Artwork Malaysia Artroom 22
Art Events & Exhibitions

The Golden: A Unique Perspective of Malaysian Culture

By combining the 3 unique colours, The Golden series by the artist Malaysia– Ethen Ng represents a cultural identity which has never been done before.

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Art Shop Online | Lin Daud | Original Artwork Malaysia Artroom 22
Interesting Facts

Naive Art: The Best Art Genre That People Always Forget

In her artworks, we can almost sense the abandoning of the world’s chaos and the dipping of paint into her heart and soul. It is her brush and color towards a creation of idealised images that hold a refreshing sense of innocence.

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International Small Business Day | Art News In Asia
Interesting Facts

Celebrating Micro-, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Day

If you are running your own business, regardless how small it is or how little amount of employees you have, this is a day for …

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Top Bubble Tea Brands
The Story Behind

The Critical Problems Behind The Bubble Tea Craze

The Bubble Tea BINGO challenge went viral on Facebook recently. In fact, the bubble tea craze has become insane, especially among the millennials. Little did …

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Magazine Things Every Artist Should Know Part 2 Cover
Interesting Facts

Things Every Artist Should Know: Part 2

We are happy that you proceed to this page and choose to know more about Art News in Asia! Click here to read the Things …

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