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Almost everyone dreams to own a house, but not everyone considers interior design as that important. In fact, interior design is all about transforming people’s lives and makes your life a better one. Hence, interior design is much more important than it seems.

Here in Artroom 22, we listen to your needs and reflect on options that optimise its use, based on what you want for each part of your space. Not only you can live and enjoy a certain space, but also improve your quality of life through the design and decorations.

Good design starts with a good concept. Access an extensive inventory including classic and contemporary artworks from emerging or senior artists. You can also enjoy trade discounts across our full inventory. Chat with our art consultation!

Here are some examples of Interior Design Projects

Space Efficiency
With professional advice for your interior designs, you can make all parts of your space aesthetic and functional. This avoids a costlier renovation or reconstruction afterwards due to a cheap or not thoughtful construction.
Eye-Catching Aesthetics
We design your space fits to your lifestyle. This includes the ambiance, color scheme, and symmetry to provide an aesthetically pleasing design for you. Because the ambiance of each room is highly important to enhance a relaxing ambiance.
Cost Efficiency
It is also our promise to give you the best result within your budget. Indeed, the significance of a well-planned interior design can lead to a substantial cost efficiency in the long run. Also, it provides life and soul to a room and makes it functional and comfortable to live in.

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