7 Interior Design Mistakes You Should Never Make

Boring white wall? Missing a focal point? Not sizing your furnitures properly? Here are the 7 big NO NO when it comes to designing your living space. Knowing these “yes or no” will definitely help you in the designing process.
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A bad interior design can shortchange your space and leave it falling short of its true potential. As long as there are best interior designs, there’s been some really bad designs. It is important to develop a plan for your interior design project within your own budget. If you are about to decorate your space, wait a minute and read this.

Sometimes, knowing what not to do can be just as helpful as knowing all the rules! Here are some of the common interior design mistakes that people made while giving their spaces a makeover.

1. Boring white wall

Many of us like to keep the white walls looking clean and fresh, but that means uninviting at the same time. Adding accessories or some artworks can help pull the design together. Reinforce the colour palette, and add personality to the space. Even a minimalist hangs a line drawing on the wall!

Large walls with no colour or artwork look bleak and make your home feel unfinished. Whether you choose a bold colour, painted pattern, or wallpaper, an accent wall will be far more attractive. It is the little styling touches that make a space look and feel complete and in turn becomes one of the best interior designs. 

Your blank wall is screaming for your attention to dress it up. Do not underestimate how important the wall decor is. Those purchases are just as important as the big pieces of furniture. Check out our pro tips for your wall decor here.

Best interior designs | Peisy Ting abstract artworks online art gallery
“The Realm of Kininaru” is a triptych by Malaysian artist Peisy Ting

2. Missing a focal point

Just imagine when you first step into a space of yours, what makes you focus your eyes? That is the highlight of your space which makes your space so unique. A well-designed room and the best interior designs starts with a focal point. The focal point provides a center of attention and helps anchor the space.

Here’s a tip for you: a large piece of statement artwork makes an excellent focal point and allows you to express your individual style. 

Don’t display all your clutters or put on too many accessories. It only causes distractions and makes your room look messy. You can set the main furniture as a focal point that will fit the purpose of that room, like a coffee table or a long sofa. Once you have established a focal point, the layout of the room should further draw attention to the main attraction.

best interior designs Erica Wee portrait paintings
“Pensive” is a large artwork painted using only palette knives by artist Erica Wee. Bring home this painting to remind yourself: spend a pensive moment in silence before you rise. Enjoy all of your pensive pondering.

3. Matching everything without playing a mix

It might seem easier to choose only a single tone or colour to guarantee everything in the room matches to create your best interior designs. But you will also get a room that lacks character and interest. Therefore, try to choose individual pieces rather than investing in a furniture set. You don’t want to see the same set in someone else’s home right?

Furthermore, playing a mix and match with the styles and colours can make a room more vibrant. Dress your home with pieces you adore from different brands and stores to create an eclectic interior design that reflects your personality. However, there should be one dominant style that sets the tone for the rest of the property, we don’t want things to be too chaotic.

4. Bad lighting 

Most people neglect the lighting part of the design and it is a big design faux pas. A bad lighting can affect the performance of your decorations. Certainly, a dimly lit space can never present them well. Keep in mind that a good lighting will ensure each room has enough light to perform any task that is usually done in the space.

best interior designs | lotus flower painting by Sheau Hoi | Artroom 22 online art gallery
Lotus flower painting “Inborn Purity” by one of our best selling artist Sheau Hoi. This painting is available for sale.

It is always best to layer different types of lighting. For examples, recessed lights are great for general lighting while floor lamps, wall lamps and pendants are great for ambient lighting. Accent lights such as spotlights are ideal for highlighting or architectural pieces. Task lighting is a must for cooking or reading.

Besides, don’t forget to have plenty of natural lighting too! A window that allows sunlight to come in during daytime gets rid of the dull in your space.

5. Not sizing the furnitures properly

If you want a great visual flow in your space, make sure you choose the right size furniture. Get a precise measurement of your furniture to help it fits well with the scale and proportion of your space. Small tips for the best interior designs here: use painter’s tape to mock the furniture placement. So that you can check if you have the right fit or not.

Moreover, an ideal space will have a mixture of different sizes, shapes, and heights of pieces, elevated in multiple ways throughout the room. The key here is to arrange every piece in a balance. It’s the same principle when it goes to a piece of art. Your art should be appropriately scaled to the wall it is hung on. The goal is less about “showing off’ but more about a sense of place.

best interior designs | landscape paintings by famous artist malaysia nancy lau
“Herritage Town II” is a landscape painting by artist Nancy Lau. Available for sale.

6. Causing a traffic jam

A traffic jam in your room is unbearable as the traffic jam on the road. It should feel easy to walk into a space rather than squeezing yourself to pass through those physical hindrances. Alternatively, you should maximise traffic flow and improve circulation by rearranging the furniture.

Use a floor plan or sketch to establish optimal traffic patterns without throwing off your existing furniture. “More is more” is definitely not a great idea in this case. Avoid putting too much furniture in your space, you do not want to bump into furniture when you move around your space.

7. Hanging artwork in a wrong place 

Incorporating art into your home or office is a great way to express your personality and style. A piece of art draws the eye up and to the whole space. It also helps balance the room by reducing the visual contrast between the furniture and walls. However, the roadblock that most encounter is how to hang art properly. Consider the scale of your walls and leave some empty space around anything you choose to hang.

Abstract painting by Hana Ikmal | Buy art online at Artroom 22
“Waterlilies” by Hana Ikmal is inspired by Monet. This artwork was sold.

You dominate your style

Knowing these “yes or no” will definitely help you in the designing process, especially if you are first time doing this. However, don’t just follow blindly. You can certainly make some changes to adapt your own needs and preferences. 

Ultimately, you decide how you want to design your own personal space. So, just follow your heart and trust your vision, you will certainly design a space that is just perfect for you. Comment below what are your tips for the best interior designs.

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best interior designs | interior design mistake | artroom 22 magazine

7 Interior Design Mistakes You Should Never Make

Boring white wall? Missing a focal point? Not sizing your furnitures properly? Here are the 7 big NO NO when it comes to designing your living space. Knowing these “yes or no” will definitely help you in the designing process.

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