7 Life Hacks for Artists

Did you just throw away your paint brushes immediately only because they are dried? You ruined your artwork while tearing the tape on the paper? Here we have got your back!

Artists may not know about it, but they are constantly at risk or in trouble when they are creating their works. For example, are you about to ruin your paper while removing the tape? Or throw away your paint brushes immediately just because they are dried? Here we have got some life hacks starters for artists that will make your life easier!

1 life hacks art hacks | artroom 22
The face you make when they say “curiosity killed the cat”.
No way! I’m gonna save my artworks no matter what the hacks I will be learning!

1. Hair dryer for removing tape

First of all, have you ever ripped your paper when you are removing your fancy tapes? Stop it with these little steps! Once you have done your painting, go over the tape with the hairdryer to slightly melt the sticky part underneath. Now you can easily peel off the tape without ruining your painting.

2. Magic eraser for removing watercolour paint

If you mess up your watercolour painting and want to erase it, simply wet a little bit of melamine sponge. Gently rub it on the place that you want to erase. However, do not get too excited over the paper because it might end up tearing it.

Watercolour Painting by Malaysian artist Michael Lip | Ming vases traditional Chinese art
“Ming Vases Series” (2020) by Michael Lip is a series of three mini watercolour paintings. It is an innovation in the visual arts by the artist.

3. Hair conditioner for ruined paint brushes 

Did you just throw your ruined paint brushes into the dustbin? Pick it back and use your hair gel or conditioner to fix it up! Grab a little portion of your hair conditioner and apply it on your dried paint brush. Reshape your paint brush and leave it for a few hours.

Here are things every artist should know. Make sure you check out Part 1 and Part 2.

4. Vinegar to clean dried paint on brushes

The next life hacks for you is to use white distilled vinegar to soak your paint brushes if they are covered in dried paint. Then, take them out after a few hours. The paint on the paintbrushes will be super bendy. And you are able to wash off the paint easily.

2 life hacks art hacks | artroom 22

5. Ice cube tray for palette

You can get ice cube trays that have a lid on them or just simply wrap them. So you can store the paint and prevent it from drying out. Besides, you can use it for mixing watercolour and for creating as many shades and colours as you can fit in. Perhaps the best life hacks so far.

 Look at this amazing watercolour works on canvas!

6. Turn acrylics into watercolour 

Wanted to make your acrylics turn out to be more like the watercolour texture? You do not need to buy a watercolour set. Instead, just follow these little steps to make it happen at the beginning! Dye some acrylic paints with water and blend it. Do it until it gives you a kind of consistency towards watercolour.

The artist Sheau Hoi is one of the artists who masters the skill and even brings it to the next level. She is able to combine both acrylic and oil as the medium for her painting. Like the goldfish painting below, it invites viewers to indulge in the pleasure of watching the graceful movement of the fish. The entire composition feels balanced and the use of colours exudes a sense of soothing calm.

Malaysian Arts | Sheau Hoi | Buy & Sell Original Artwork Online in Asia
In this painting “Glorious Gold” (2018), Sheau Hoi employs acrylic as the medium for its background. The smudging effect of acrylic greatly compliments the realistic subject matter.

7. Ironing wrinkled paper

To fix your wavy watercolour painting, first spray a little bit of water onto the back of paper. Then, place a piece of fabric or paper on top just to protect your painting. Iron everything on the medium or high settings, carefully even out your paper. Place something heavy on top so the painting can cool down while keeping the flatness.

Do you have any life hacks that you find useful? Comment below and share with us! You can also learn more about art tips in our Instagram #ArtroomLearning series.



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Save my life!

These hacks saved my life!!! Especially No.1! Ohh No.6 also cool, Sheau Hoi’s artworks are so beautiful

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7 Life Hacks for Artists

Did you just throw away your paint brushes immediately only because they are dried? You ruined your artwork while tearing the tape on the paper? Here we have got your back!

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