6 Foyer Design Themes to Impress Your Guest

Having a thoughtfully designed foyer can make your guest curious about you. Starting with your foyer, it is the first step to make your home feel warm.

The foyer is the space where you first enter your office or home. It reflects your taste and style. Therefore, it is important to give your guest a good first impression and a warm welcome everyday. Here are some concepts for interior design which help you to style for a grand entrance like the designers interior.

Define your foyer area that suits your personality

In fact, having a foyer that reflects who you are can make your guest curious about you. When your foyer offers up clues to your personality and lifestyle, it keeps your visitors in suspense as to what lies ahead. Starting with your foyer, it is the first step to let your guest feel that you are special.

1 – Industrial Style

First of all, the industrial style. Industrial theme takes clues from old factories and industrial spaces. In recent years, these have been converted to lofts and other living spaces. The design includes exposed bricks and pipes, concrete flooring, and large open windows to create a “warehouse” feeling.

For lightning, any light fixture with metal finishes fits right into this style. Notably, a warm tone light is better to comfort your guests. Palettes such as a mix of greys, neutrals or rustic colour are perfect for your foyer wall. However, it may look quite dim or boring sometimes. Therefore, a good piece of art that enlightens the space will be a saver.

For decorative painting, a simple contemporary piece with bright colour splashed on it is just perfect.

1 Designers interior | Concepts for interior design | Artroom 22 Industrial Style
“The Cell” (2018) by Michelle Hart. This is a mixed media art with acrylic and gold paint. 122cm x 91cm. Available for sale.

2 – Shabby Chic to give you a nostalgic feeling

Shabby chic is another concepts for interior design. It is a style of decoration that uses furniture and soft furnishings that appear to be pleasingly old and slightly worn. If you are a nostalgic person who is keen on antique design, you will definitely love this style of designers interior. For instance, a cafe with a vintage vibe or an antique boutique will be performed well in this style.

2 Designers interior | Concepts for interior design | Artroom 22 Shabby Chic

Furthermore, a wooden table with bleached painting and a vase of dried flower on it is also perfect for a shabby chic foyer. Besides white, the shabby chic style also includes soft neutral colours such as sky blue, rose pink and beige tones. It gives you a soft, relaxed, romantic style that looks comfortable and inviting.

3 – Botanical Style for nature lovers

If you are a nature lover, this designers interior is for you. Keep the beauty of the outdoors alive in your living space all-year round by adding botanicals to your foyer design. Certainly, bringing the jungle inside is the ultimate hit. Big, fresh green plants being placed in your foyer will give you an instant touch of nature.

A wooden touch is a key point of the botanical style too. Place a wooden rack with some books or magazines on it in your foyer. Not to mention how pleased your guests would be while they are waiting for you. Other than that, a flower scented candle is a lovely add-on which will place you in a blooming garden.

Not sure how to put up your artwork? Check out our hanging instructions!

However, a printed fauna wallpaper might not be the best choice with a foyer as it might look a little messy. So, a greenery landscape painting will be a great substitution to brighten up your botanic foyer area.

3 Designers interior | Concepts for interior design | Artroom 22 Botanical style
“Green Paradise II” (2013) by Nancy Lau | Acrylic on canvas | 92cm x 62cm
Available for sale

4 – Minimalism never goes wrong

Minimalism is always trendy. Keeping it less and simple is the whole concepts for interior design of minimalism. It consists of modern lines, tone down colour palettes, with a large spare space which creates a gallery-look of your foyer. Furthermore, furniture with a mirror surface is useful to visually expand your space.

The design of a foyer should also combine no more than two colours. You can take as a basis white, beige or milk. As for lightning, a soft and diffused light coming from the lamp that can merge with the furniture will be awesome. What is more, you can place a geometrical shape bench for your guest too.

When it comes to minimalism, wall art is a must to enhance the gallery-look feel. A piece of abstract painting with just a few palettes is great on that plain wall of yours.

4 Designers interior | Concepts for interior design | Artroom 22 Minimalism
Ambidextrous Series” (2018) by Agus Dhanik | 70cm x 70cm | Charcoal and oil on canvas
Available for sale

5 – Urban Modern to make a distinct statement

Urban modern designers interior is the ultimate for cosmopolitan living and is perfect for sophisticated city dwellers. It is all about creating a soothing and comfortable foyer as a resting oasis for your guests. You do not have to be super luxury or extremely minimal when you are playing with the urban modern style. Just make it functional and convenient.

Certainly, urban modernism does not require any rigid principles in the concepts for interior design. Just allow harmony to flow in with your great sense. As for furniture, muted colours such as brown, dark blue, graphite grey, or all shades of wood will be fine. Besides, neutral shades serve as a perfect background for brighter furniture and decor details.

Making a distinct statement is the key to add personality to your urban modern style. A contemporary painting such as “Narrowness City” by A. Zaki Hadri suits well with this concepts for interior design.

5 Designers interior | Concepts for interior design | Artroom 22 Urban Modern
Narrowness City” (2016) by A. Zaki Hadri | Acrylic on Canvas | 150cm x 120cm
Available for sale

6 – Bohemian Style for a free spirit

Lastly, bohemian or Boho style is a rule-breaking, unconventional, and exotic style of decorating a living space. If you are a person living with a free spirit, Boho style is here for you. This style is heavily based on colour matching, patterns, and textures. No rules here, go with anything that fits your personality!

Accessories are important in your foyer as boho style is all about being “too much”. Layering dyed patterns throws from around the world such as ikat from Cambodia or batik from Malaysia on your sofa. Alternatively, the Middle Eastern carpet in the antique market is also a plus! It gives the space a sense of fun and exoticism and adds on to the designers interior.

Moreover, a Boho foyer always comes with a feeling of cultural and spiritual. With this, you can create a unique mindfulness experience for your guest. A spiritual painting such as “Spiritual Journey” by this Cambodian artist will be an unexpected surprise for you.

6 Designers interior | Concepts for interior design | Artroom 22 Bohemian style boho
Spiritual Journey” (2019) by Thong | Oil on canvas | 70cm x 30cm
Available for sale

Now, transform the ideas above into your own!

Well, that completes our designers interior ideas for you to decorate your own unique foyer. The options are pretty vast, so you can start small and continue to add different elements. Let’s start to incorporate these ideas into your home or office

Choose your favourite genre and style now in our online art gallery. If you still have no idea what style fits you, just chat with our art consultant.

Plan to go further? Then this article “Pro Tips For Your Wall Decor” is highly recommended for you.



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