Malaysia Coronavirus Update: How Artists Use Creativity to Overcome Adversity

Find out how these people find ways to overcome adversity and went on to live life the fullest in spite of hardships and constraints.
Malaysia Coronavirus Update | Artroom 22 | COVID-19 News

Many artists struggled against the economic constraints due to the current outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). According to the latest Malaysia Coronavirus Update on Wednesday (15.4.2020),  there were 85 new cases, bringing the total number of positive COVID-19 cases to 5,072.

However, many artists and communities find ways to overcome the adversity. Explore the stories of these creative people. In spite of hardships and constraints, they went on to produce creative works of art and contribute to the society.

Portraits For Malaysia by Duduk Rumah Artists

There is also a group of Malaysian artists who are showing appreciation to the COVID-19 relief efforts. The #PortraitsForMalaysia campaign is an initiative launched by Duduk Rumah Artist. A little Malaysia Coronavirus Update: You can now get a customised artistic portrait by donating to local organisations or NGOs who are involved in COVID-19 relief efforts during the Movement Control Order period.

Malaysia Coronavirus Update | Artroom 22 | COVID-19 News

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

To date (14.4.2020), the campaign successfully raised more than RM10,000 in just less than a month since their launch. Check out how you can contribute to the NGOs and claim your customised portrait! Or you can chat with us in the chat box below, we will connect you with the right person. Because you are never too small to make a difference.

Malaysia Coronavirus Update | Artroom 22 | COVID-19 News


Artist Uses Art To Raise Fund for Medical Bills

As the economy is posing challenges to everyone, there are also artists who have lost their incomes. In particular, the artist Tantiyana (better known as Yana) had lost her part time job, which she relied solely on the income to pay for her husband’s medical expenses.

Despite the hardships, the artist creates a series of digital art — “Scriptures of Happiness”. Indeed, life circumstances have little to do with happiness because much happiness is under your control, that is your attitude towards what happened and your outlook on life.

“No matter what adverse events you are currently experiencing, there is a purpose behind each one.”

“Scriptures of Happiness #4” by the artist Tantiyana. Still available.

This series comes with a total of 8 distinct works of art. Each with its own scriptures of happiness, left to be interpreted by the viewer. Although this is to raise funds for the artist’s basic living expenses and her husband’s medical expenses, it costs only RM250 for each artwork, making it affordable to everyone. This is the power of art to overcome adversity.

“Love to see original artworks from the artist? Then you will love these abstract paintings by Tantiyana!”

Chat with us if you like to support the artist, we will provide you a full range of 8 different artworks. Every artwork is only available in one limited edition, meaning that you will be the only owner with this artwork! Once you have purchased, the artist will email the high resolution of the artwork to you. Then, you can print it out in the size you like, frame it and hang it. (First time buying art? Check out our Hanging Instructions.) To date, 3 out of 8 artworks are sold from the series. 

Malaysia Coronavirus Update | Artroom 22 | COVID-19 News
The artwork “Scriptures of Happiness #3” by the artist Tantiyana  from the series is sold.


The COVID-19 Series of Artworks

Another Malaysia coronavirus update. Here are some other examples of how artists cope with the adverse events and continue to develop inspiring artworks.

Malaysia Coronavirus Update | Artroom 22 | COVID-19 News
The COVID-19 Series, a working sketch by artist Ernesto Pujazon. Medium include gold poster colours, silver, metallic pens on A4 size black cartridge paper.

Check out some big scale paintings (up to 183cm x 183cm) using unique medium by the Peruvian artist Ernesto Pujazon. He is also a Senior Lecturer of the famous Taylor’s University in the Foundation in Design programmes.

What is special about Ernesto’s artwork is that his use of colours is extremely subtle with the layering of washes. This gives the impression that these enormous canvases are very large watercolour works. Besides that, the use of icons dominates the canvas, having an instant impact on the viewer which draws you in.

“Michelangelo did not need to starve for his creations, and neither do you. If you are tired of being a starving artist, here is something for you.”

Not only that, some artists like Kumar Nagalingam is offering free online art sessions for the public. Yes, self-quarantine was not on your bucket list. But here are activities you can try.

Photo source: Kumar Nagalingam’s Instagram account @kumarnagalingamart

The artist Kumar is a spiritual and wise man. You could talk hours and hours with him and never get bored. He has all the elements you are ever searching for a great person: spiritual, knowledgeable, humour and witty. Kumar is the person who is able to overlook the unbecoming and understand the unconventional. Moreover, his sense of humour helps to tolerate the unpleasant, overcome the unexpected, and outlast the unbearable.

Malaysia Coronavirus Update | Artroom 22 | COVID-19 News
Surrealism artwork “Living It Up” (2019) by the artist Kumar Nagalingam. Oil on Canvas. 120cm x 90cm.


Also, it is indeed grateful to see some positivities spread around during this difficult time. For instance here we have “HAVID-20”, meaning happy virus 2020 by the artist Alicia Lee. The meaning behind the artwork is profound.

Malaysia Coronavirus Update | Artroom 22 | COVID-19 News
“Hope my HAVID-20 (happy virus 2020) will defeat COVID-19 and cheer up the world!” — Alicia Lee “HAVID-20” (2020).


Online Viewing Exhibitions

Moving forward, the Malaysian art gallery like G13 Gallery is holding an online art exhibition “Mending Fence: Tales form an isolation” due to the restrictive circumstances. This exhibition features artworks that respond to our lives in isolation. It examines how social distancing affects the artists’ art-making process. During quarantine, movements might be restricted, but ideas are always beyond the tangibles. Therefore, this exhibition is an attempt at historical documentation to record the current situation and the adversity that the entire generation is facing. It definitely sheds some lights amid the pandemic outbreak.

Malaysia Coronavirus Update | Artroom 22 | COVID-19 News
Photo source: G13 Gallery


Malaysia Coronavirus Update

Malaysia has recorded another 85 COVID-19 cases on Wednesday (15.4.2020), pushing the tally to 5,072, with 1 new death bringing the death toll to 83. Good news is, Malaysia reported 169 more COVID-19 recoveries on the same day. This brings the total number of recoveries to 2,647, which is 52.18% per cent of the total positive cases.

“Stay home to save lives. Watch this 3D Letters Drawing Tutorial on YouTube with the touching background music “Satu Malaysia”. #KitaJagaKita”

Malaysia Coronavirus Update | Artroom 22 | COVID-19 News
Photo source: Twitter account @KKMPutrajaya

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Inspiring indeed

to read something like this during my quarantine life at home definitely helps. I am not an artist but really love to see how people around the world is responding to this situation. Please post more articles like this

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