Questions Artists “Hate”

This list of Freaking Annoying Questions received a huge response on the Instagram post earlier. Definitely a big NO NO and you should NEVER ask this to any artist. Check it out!
questions artists hate | FAQ for art | Artroom 22

We posted this on Instagram earlier and received a massive response. Although this is not an exhaustive list of questions artists “hate”, it is sufficient to give us an overall idea of what are the things you should never say to an artist. Comment below and let us know what you do not like to hear!

1 – Can You Paint For Free?

How about no? Creating art is a time consuming process that requires a lifetime of time and investment to hone the craft. Indeed, you are not simply paying for a single artwork. You are paying for the artist’s skills, time, equipment, education and utilities. Moreover, you are to put a roof over their heads.

questions artists hate | FAQ for art | Artroom 22
The airbrush expert, BK Yap was doing live painting during Artroom 22 1st Year Anniversary.

2 – How long did it take for you to paint this?

Well, the duration taken to create a single artwork is not usually the most crucial part of being an artist. Rather, it is the collective act of training, practice, and all the time and dedication spent on creating. Because every other artwork has led to the arrival of the present piece.

3 – Did you learn how to paint like this in school?

Although this is a relatively reasonable question, especially when art buyers are curious about an artist’s professional training. While art school can be beneficial and an asset, there are many incredible artists who are self taught. Their lack of formal art education does not warrant their work less valuable than their art school peers.

Are you also a self taught artist? Here are 5 important tips for you!

4 – You charge too much, no one would buy it at this price

While this is painfully true to some extent, it is crucial to remember that most artists price their work based on size, time. More importantly, the quality of material. One can always choose to support smaller, more affordable work produced by the same artist.

Check out these amazing artworks hand picked by our curator.

5 – If you painted things that people can understand, maybe more people would be willing buy it

Possibly the most offensive question of all the questions artists hate. An artist’s work is for themselves, not for anyone else. Certainly, to devaluate an artist’s work just because it is not understandable to you is to say that the artist should only paint for other people and not themselves.

Here, we also compile some questions artists hate hearing from the comments of our Instagram posts earlier.

6 – Can artists earn money?

“I am constantly asked if I can make a living out of this. As if I need to justify the last 20 years of my life. If I’m selling well I don’t feel the need to tell people I am. It’s just not a part of what I’m about.” — @lynfrancisartist and @lsartofsun

questions artists hate | FAQ for art | Artroom 22
In the background is the late local artist, JS Mohan’s artwork “Rock Series V“. Mohan (1958 – 2019) passed away in April 2019, left behind the notable Rock Series.

7 – I need you to design a t-shirt and a logo for me but i need it by tomorrow

Perhaps the most challenging aspect for a creative person to convince their client is that good design takes time. But the fact is, you are always going to run up against companies that want the job done yesterday. What you can do as an artist is to explain your process and give examples. People appreciate you taking the time to explain it, and think they’ll get something great. — @_ohanes

8 – It looks easy, why do you charge such a high price?

Well again this question. How about you paint it yourself? Complication of the artworks should not act as the sole measurement of the painting price. Execution is easy, but to construct the idea is not. Sometimes it takes months or even years to construct ideas, adding up with a lot of experiments to come up with the final artwork being presented in front of you. — @mtmtdesigns

questions artists hate | FAQ for art | Artroom 22
Agus Dhanik (better known as Shamsuri Atan) with his Ambidextrous series. Read the story behind of how he can paint with both hands.

9 – Why are your photographs so expensive? You just simply click the shutter

“Some say paintings are more valuable than photographs. I say that is ridiculous. I understand photography is about capturing the moment. While the actual capturing might be short — you just push a button and it is done. However, it takes tremendous work to train your eyes to see the world as it is. To shoot is easy, but to frame the shot at the right moment with right lighting and to create the impact intended is not.” — @alhothisharaf

questions artists hate | FAQ for art | Artroom 22
Sharaf Alhothi, the visual artist and photographer, with his artwork “Hidden Features #01

Discover these visual photographs by our professional photographers!

Now, tell us what are the “annoying” questions you get as an artist?

questions artists hate | FAQ for art | Artroom 22

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Super freaking annoying!!

All these are so so true! I get (almost) all of them as an artist for the past 20+ years of painting. But yeah, life is life. I just repeat myself (patiently) every time to those who asked.

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