5 Tips for The Self Taught Artists

Do you feel isolated from the artist community as a self taught artist? Or looking for some inspirations in the midst of your artist block? Here are the 5 tips for you!

Throughout the years, we have had the honour meeting many artists, both professional and self-taught. Some of them who are excelling in their art career but did not go to art school at all. Conversely, some people who did go to art school that allowed them to advance their skills in an inspiring learning environment.

However, there are also some people who went to art school and created breathtaking work, but gave up. Because they realised that they are stuck in one consistent pattern and reach an artist block. Also, the fact to making a consistent income from art involves learning about sales and marketing, as well as being willing to push past their comfort zones.

Not everyone has the luxury or the opportunity to go to an art school. So, if you are the one, continue reading these tips for the self taught artists!


Tip 1: Consistency is the key

Being a self-taught artist requires more discipline than being formally trained. Because you need to set deadlines and working times for yourself. It is entirely up to you to hold yourself accountable and stay consistent. 

Tip 2: Enjoy exploration and enjoy the journey

If you expect too much as a self-taught artist, then you will quickly be discouraged if it does not go your way. Expect nothing, but aim for everything. Enjoy the journey as it is!

Tip 3: Don’t ignore art fundamentals

Perhaps this is one of the most crucial tips for the self taught artists. If you fail to cover the basics, you will be unable to create certain effects or end up very frustrated because your artworks do not turn out the way you see them in your heads. Learn the basics and you will have a solid base to jump off from. 

Tip 4: Document everything

It’s important to acknowledge every-single-piece as a step in the right direction, even if the outcome was not what you expected it to be. Document everything you do, even when you are in the early stages. There may be a time when your early work will be very significant to you.

Tip 5: Take part in the art community

Join some artist group or community and try to obtain (constructive) feedback from artists that are a bit farther ahead than you are. As artists, spending time around like-minded creatives is essential in order to stay motivated.

Tell us how you feel and your tips as a self taught artist.

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Incredible Tips

Appreciate a lot about this article. As a self-taught artist, at times I feel as if I am isolated to the artist community as I could not find anyone who has the similar as mine (everyone surrounds me thought I am crazy). Glad to have read this article and now I am clearer on my vision and what I should do to achieve what I want in my life. Thank you and hope to read more like this in the future!

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5 Tips for The Self Taught Artists

Do you feel isolated from the artist community as a self taught artist? Or looking for some inspirations in the midst of your artist block? Here are the 5 tips for you!

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