Increase Sales by Showing Preview of Your Art on A Wall

Ever wonder how to preview your art on a wall like other artists do? No rocket science! It's just some simple tricks by using an App!

If you are selling things online, that basically means that you are asking people to buy something without seeing it physically. With that in mind, what they see is one of the most important factors. The most simplest way to help your collectors to imagine how your works in their home is to preview your art on a wall. In this way, you can show them how it would look and feel.

Affordable Paintings in Asia | Nazurah Usop | Original Artworks
“Passion in arts is when art inhabits in heart”, said Nazurah Usop. Bring home this “Passion” to spark your life with joys.

Apps for Previewing Your Art on a Wall

To start with, WallApp is a popular and easy solution. You just need to upload your artwork, select a wall you like and adjust the size of your artwork. You can even upload your room or living hall to get a more customised look. This increases your art sales as the collectors can feel what they are buying.

However, there are a few downsides of this App. One of which is that the image downloaded would not be in high resolution. Also, you could not upload more than one artwork like how our artist Agus Dhanik do in the photo below.

preview your art on a wall
A unique collection of Ambidextrous Series by Agus Dhanik

Do It Yourself

Alternatively, you can simply take a photo of the work hanging in your house. As for this, you will need an excellent quality of lighting for your space. So choose the most well lit room in your house. Also, remember to keep the space clean and clear from clutter. A tidy space will help your artwork stand out against the wall and increase the chances of collectors buying your artwork.

Artist Kuala Lumpur | Ti Yi Rou | Original Artworks Kuala Lumpur
Sunflower ends up facing the sun, but they go through a lot of dirt to find their way up there. “Sonnenblumen” by our Founder Ti YI Rou. (JUST SOLD)

Ask For Help

We know that it could be too much for you to juggle between sales and artwork creation simultaneously. But don’t worry, you can always ask for help from our experts. Here in Artroom 22, we provide a Full Service Solution for you. Not only can we help to preview your art on a wall, but also to write your artist profile and artwork descriptions.

Sign up today and enjoy a full range of service, including marketing and technical supports. Only RM99 lifetime membership fees (or $59 for artists reside out of Malaysia). ACT NOW because this offer is valid until December 2019 only!

We won’t satisfy, until you do. We won’t succeed, until you do.

Sample of Works We Do For Our Artists

We took a lot of stress off and growing with our existing and expanding resources. Why worry so much when your help is just one call away? Take a look on how our graphic designers create photomontage for our artists.

preview your art on a wall
Oil painting “Refreshing” by Margaret Ng to brighten up your living room.
Original Artwork Malaysia | Shelly Wu | Malaysian Arts
Acrylic paintings “Awake” and “Midnight Dream” by Shelly Wu.
Thong #Hand in Hand Decor
Oil painting “Hand in Hand” by Cambodian artist Thong (JUST SOLD)

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Have more questions? Drop us a text in the live chat box at your right bottom corner.

No questions? Drop us a text and start displaying and sell your artworks with Artroom 22 today!



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Looking for so long finally found it here!

Am always wondering how other artists can create a photo preview for their artworks on a wall. Finally get to know now. A very helpful article, hope to see more posts like this to help artists like me…..

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