5 Things You Don’t Want To Miss at Art Expo Malaysia 2019

Art Expo Malaysia is back! These are the 5 things you definitely don’t want to miss this year. Read until the end, some bonus points for you!
Art Expo Malaysia 2019 | Artroom 22 | Art News in Asia

Art Expo Malaysia is back! These are the 5 things you definitely don’t want to miss this year.

1 – Award Winning Actress Lee SinJe Will Be There

Angelica Lee SinJe (Chinese: 李心洁) is a Malaysian Chinese film actress and pop singer. This time in Art Expo Malaysia 2019, she will showcase her artworks for the first time in public! This is a preview of her solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur next year. Come to catch her and of course her artworks in MECC Kuala Lumpur this time!

Art Expo Malaysia 2019 | Lee Sinje | Art News in Asia
Award-winning actress Lee Sinje

2 – Double Header of Installations Occupying 100sqm of The Entrance

Look for the huge size of installations by Tan Zi Hao (Malaysia) and Mella Jaarsma (Indonesia) under A+ Works of Art. It will be in some 100 square metres of prime space occupying the entrance area of the exhibition hall. While the aspiring Malaysia’s most young artist Tan Zi Hao will reprise his re-creation in fibreglass and metal, Mella from the Netherlands will present her trademark costume concoction.

To view inspiring artworks, click here.

3 – Expanded Japan Pavilion

Japan’s art scene is omnipresent and far from conventional. Hence, based on last year’s success, Art Expo Malaysia will have an expanded Japanese Pavilion this year with participating galleries that have a rich history dating back to 1871. 

Indeed, Japan has re-emerged as a major force in art in Asia and the world, and the Japan Pavilion is one of the creative endaka fuelling its presence. The vehicle of Japan’s art resurgence in the Super-Flat-And-Post Era, has expanded from 8 to 11 galleries.

Art Expo Malaysia 2019 | Japan Pavilion | Art News in Asia
Image source: Japan Pavilion Art Expo Malaysia Facebook Page

4 – South-East Asia Curatorial Exhibition 

This arena features a South-East Asia curatorial theme exhibit. There will be curated shows by prominent galleries. To name a few, Segaris Art Center, Richard Koh Fine Art, Singapore’s Linda Gallery and Gajah Gallery, Indonesia’s Kohesive Initiatives and Lawangwangi. Besides that, there is also a South-East Asia “Artists Wall” which is a specially curated show featuring outstanding artists from some selected participating galleries.

Art Expo Malaysia 2018 | Artroom 22 | Art News in Asia
Image source: Art Expo Malaysia Photo Gallery

“My dream is to be able to continue to bring the art industry in the region closer not just to art lovers, but to the general public. And of course, to create accessibility so that more people will be able to appreciate and explore art.” — Sim Pojinn

5 – Art Talks

On 12 October 2019 (Saturday), a series of public talks, involving gallerists, curators, writers, artists and collectors will be held at the venue. Check out more information here.

Art Expo Malaysia 2019 | Artroom 22 | Art News in Asia
Image source: Art Expo Malaysia Instagram

6 – 15 Countries 60 Galleries 1500 Artworks

Yes, we know we said only 5 things you don’t want to miss. But, how can you shortlist to only 5 when there are so many interesting things going on!

This year, Art Expo Malaysia will house the most exciting art collections by 60 reputable art galleries from 15 countries around the world with 1,500 artworks — all under one roof at MECC. For the 30,000+ attendees who line up for the show every year, it is definitely a good chance to see the newest and brightest faces of the art world. Not to mention you can purchase works directly from exhibitors in person.

Art Expo Malaysia 2017 | Artroom 22 | Art News in Asia
Image source: Art Expo Malaysia Photo Gallery

“Art is powerful. It challenges the status quo, changes our perceptions, and pushes us to see ourselves and others from a new perspective.”

What To Expect This Year?

The South-East Asian booths and the Japanese Pavilion in particular, proved to be crowd favourites based on past experiences. You can expect a deeper engagement between the art community and the public. Moreover, the co-founder and fair director of Art Expo Malaysia Sim Pojinn reveals that visitors can expect more life-size sculptures, more visually impactful artworks and more engaging content this year.


Exhibition Period and Ticket Information

11-12 October 2019: 11.30am to 9.00pm

13 October 2019: 11.30am to 7.30pm

See you at MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre (MECC), Kuala Lumpur. Click here for Google Map!

Art Expo Malaysia 2019 | Buy Ticket Now | Art News in Asia

“What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now!

We are so excited for the 13th Edition of Art Expo Malaysia, and perhaps the best edition ever! Are you??

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Information sources based on Art Expo Malaysia official website and independent research by the editor.




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A Must Go Place!

I have attended the Art Expo Malaysia for so many years and have been it is expanding gradually. Definitely a pleasure to see so many familiar and new faces every year and getting in touch with many inspiring contacts. Can’t wait for the 13th edition this year!

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