Pro Tips for Your Wall Decor

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Pro Tips for Wall Decor

Indeed, wall decor is the key to making any room feel complete. It is also a fun way to express your personal style and tap into your creativity. In this article, we provide some pro tips for you when you are decorating your wall.

Don’t Go Too High

It is important not to hang your artwork too high when considering your wall decor. To put it another way, the centre of the artwork should be at eye level. This helps viewers to understand the perspective which the artist used to construct the art. Besides that, viewers can admire and make judgment of the artwork from a distance and scales of the objects within.

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Affordable Portrait Paintings | May Lee | Art Gallery
Another point to take note, the artwork should be lower if you like to place it in the living room. Because people are usually sitting. Check out the artwork “Love and Affection” by a Malaysian artist May Lee.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Even though natural sunlight is an environmental friendly option to highlight your artwork, it is advised not to do so. Direct contact with sunlight after a considerable long period of time might cause the artwork to warp, crack and fade in colour. Despite the high quality of paint artists are using, certain precautions still need to be taken care of by the collectors when designing the wall decor.

The average longevity for oil paintings can last for around 500 years, while for acrylic paintings, theoretically speaking can last for centuries if properly used as they will be less prone to cracking compared to oil paintings.


Floral Paintings | Margaret Ng | Art Gallery in Malaysia
Pro tip: You can place your artwork in the living room as the curtain is the best filter for the direct sunlight. Check out the artwork “Rhythm of Life” by a Malaysian artist Margaret Ng.

Keep The Layout Simple

If you have a tiny bedroom, then “Keep It Simple” is the key here for your wall decor. We suggest you to place the bed in the center of the main wall, rather than pushing one side up against the adjacent wall. Being that you have room to walk, and it is important for the room flow. In addition, hang some small paintings on the wall. So that you can maximise your space and also bring new life to your room.

Malaysian Arts | Sheau Hoi | Buy & Sell Original Artwork Online in Asia
Beautiful Pink Hydrangea and Purple Hydrangea paintings by Sheau Hoi from our online Art Gallery Kuala Lumpur.

Refresh Your Boring Work Space

Put a meaningful painting that reminds your passion in life. It is important to have something to spark your joy especially during a down time. A simple and nice wall decor with a small scale of art is definitely a great idea to start with.

Affordable Paintings in Asia | Nazurah Usop | Original Artworks
The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human souls. Have you found out your passion yet? Bring home this artwork “Passion” by Nazurah Usop to spark your life with joys.

Scale of the Art — Only 75% of The Furniture

It is crucial to find a good scale of the artwork according to where you like to hang it. For example, artwork hanging over a piece of furniture ideally should be 75% of that object or space. That is to say, it should not be wider than the width of that furniture. For the simple reason that, if the scale or size of the art is too big or too small, the whole arrangement looks strange and imbalance.

Even if you have a classic modern design living room, you can always add a colourful or whimsical painting for your wall decor.


Original Artwork Malaysia | Shelly Wu | Malaysian Arts
Discover the artwork “Brain Patches” by the Malaysian artist Shelly Wu.


Whether you are looking for bedroom wall decor ideas, a few pieces to change up your living room, or even to brighten up your work space, these pro tips can help you in anyway. Head over here now to find an original artwork in Asia for your home and office!



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