Should I Frame My Artwork?

Our collectors told us that its frame is one of the main reasons they bought the painting! Here, we are going to reveal the art collector’s mind. And you will know how framing your artworks increase your sales dramatically.
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Framing is the last step towards the completion of your artworks. However, a lot of artists choose not to do so. Is that you? And do you know the importance of framing?

Here, we are going to dissect the art collector’s and the buyer’s mind. At the end of this article, you should know the answer “Why is the importance of framing your artworks?”


Importance of Framing

Framing is an essential part of the presentation process. Not only framing art can affect the physical appearance of the artwork, but it can also increase the value of the artwork. With that said, the choice of framing is just as important as how you make your masterpiece.

Do you know, this artist frames all of her artworks?

How The Framing Affects The Artwork 

Framing can affect your painting as a whole. It allows the viewer to see the whole picture rather than certain parts. As a result, framing your art can make the artwork more powerful. Truly , it acts as a tool for the viewer to immerse themselves completely in the painting. Besides that, a frame can even be used to direct attention back into the artwork.

Famous Malaysian Artworks | Cyan Low | Buy Art Malaysia Artroom 22
“Hand In Faith” by the Malaysian artist Cyan Low

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How To Choose The Best Frame

It is crucial to select a frame that fits the theme of your painting. It should not be too rustic nor too ornate depending on the subject of the painting itself. Certainly, the framing and your art should feel together “as one”. Therefore, the choice of frame very much depends on the theme of your paintings. And this contributes to the importance of framing them.

For instance, if you painted a landscape of a countryside, a wooden frame will accentuate its rustic feel. If your painting has a white background, then a white simplistic frame will be more suitable. Because the frame will complement the tones of the background wonderfully whilst contrasting effectively with the subject in the middle.

Malaysian Arts | Sheau Hoi | Buy & Sell Original Artwork Online in Asia
“Glorious Gold” by the Malaysian artist Sheau Hoi

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Final Presentation

After all, you have an overall ideas about the importance of framing your artworks. Indeed, making good choices on the final presentation of your art may lead to success. A frame can add value to your art and increase the potential sale of your work. It also shows your professionalism as an artist. For this reason, it is well worth the investment in the long run.

These paintings were sold. Our collectors revealed that its frame is one of the main reasons they bought the painting! Fret not, you can now order your customised painting for your home!

Abstract Painting KL | Aleng Tohara | Make Up Artist in Malaysia
“Latiffah II” by the Malaysian make up artist Aleng Tohara


Can I Frame My Artworks If I Am Not An Artist?

Of course you can. Contact us if you would like to frame your existing artworks at home!

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