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Today, 27 June, marks the third international World MSME day. This is a day which the United Nation designs to highlight the significant contribution MSMEs make to the global economy. If you are running your own business, regardless how small it is or how little amount of employees you have, this is a day for you! Especially for people who are doing digital marketing behind the screen. 

International Small Business Day | Art News In Asia

People With Goals and Values

This particular day is a global occasion to celebrate micro, small and medium sized business (“MSMEs”) as the backbone of the global economy. Indeed, the MSMEs contributes significantly to the UN’s global 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. As explained by the UN, the MSMEs are often the “first responders to societal needs”. Because they are the people with goals and values that cannot be calculated on a profit and loss statement.

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Stay consistent in digital marketing

Every MSMEs owner knows that entrepreneurship is never an easy route, especially for those who are doing digital marketing. It has its highs and lows. When you hit the low points of entrepreneurship, just remember that you are not alone.

Because failure is a disappointing but inevitable roadblock on the path to success. And sometimes, success is just one more push beyond your last failure. Keep going. Consistency is the key!

International Small Business Day | Art News In Asia

The Route To Utopia

In a world where ignorance is the new excellence, art is here to provide us a route to a utopia, in which everything still connects to each other. Therefore, in response to societal needs, Artroom 22 is committed to build a community surrounding us. We bring back life to things which were once alive but declared dead in our era.

A successful person never loses. They either win or learn!” — John Calipari

Indeed, art is love made visible. As one of the small and medium sized businesses, not only we are part of the backbone of the economy, but also a major driver of poverty alleviation and development.

Cheers to all the small and medium-sized enterprise out there! Comment below what hardships are you facing and let us encourage each other.

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