Things Every Artist Should Know: Part 2

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We are happy that you proceed to this page and choose to know more about Art News in Asia! Click here to read the Things Every Artist Should Know: Part 1, if you have not already done so.

Now, let’s continue to Part 2.

Your Uniqueness

Choose what you love and stick with it. Make it a uniqueness of yours. Because by copying what is popular in art may only bring you a short term success. What makes you unique is your creativity and how you put thoughts into your artworks.

Read The Story Behind to see how these artists differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd.

Brand Yourself

You know what makes you unique. Now, brand it. Because marketing is the key. Learn how to stand out from the millions of people that claim to be artists. Everyone has a portfolio and big aspiration. But, what they lack of is a clear brand. This is how you stand out if you have one.

If you are confused or do not know how to brand yourself, just have a chat with our art marketing consultant. You will have a clearer idea on how to make a branding decision for yourself.

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” — Coco Channel

Always Keep Learning

The more art knowledge you have, the more depth and dimensionality your work will gain. Research the subject matter that you are going to paint. For example, eagles. Watch how they eat, how they rest, how they fly, and every other details. Learn about the story and history behind.

BK Yap #Golden Eagle
BK Yap #Golden Eagle

Put Aside Your Fantasy

If you are serious about making art your business, then put aside romantic visions of an artistic lifestyle that focuses only on glamour. Instead, invest time in the real things and values. Continue to push yourself in the right direction with a strong goal in mind. And you can become great at what you do.

Regardless you are an aspiring artist or a senior artist, we help you to reach up to millions of customers locally and internationally. Buy & sell original artwork online in Asia with us. Because Artroom 22 is a home for all Asian artists.



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