Lawyers Can’t Have Fun? Let Him Tell You The Truth

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Charity Exhibition SSMH in Kuala Lumpur Artist Kumar Nagalingam

For those who said lawyers can’t have fun, they probably haven’t met the right one yet. Kumar, an artist from a legal background, by travelling the dual road is enjoying the most fun in his life.

Kumar Nagalingam is a spiritual and wise man. You could talk hours and hours with him and never get bored. I mean, he has all the elements you are ever searching for a great person: spiritual, knowledgeable, humour and witty. Kumar is the person who is able to overlook the unbecoming and understand the unconventional. Moreover, his sense of humour helps to tolerate the unpleasant, overcome the unexpected, and outlast the unbearable.

Norbert and Kumar are sharing some ‘secrets’ in life

Childhood Memories

One of the things that remains vivid to this day in Kumar’s memory about his father was when he brought back home one of Kumar’s framed oil painting. His father was one hand on the handle and the other holding the painting. He came from a frame shop, located about 8 km away, on a bicycle and the painting being almost as big as the bicycle. Indeed, that image moved him so much, that he knew that art is definitely going to be a strong stay in his life.

“Father and Son” painting by Kumar Nagalingam

Talents are given to us for a purpose

Kumar holds a Law degree from the University of London. Subsequently, he obtained his Masters in Law from University Malaya. He is currently a trainer and consultant in human development and he has conducted over 2000 sessions which has spanned over 18 years. This is why he called himself as “The Lawful Artist”.

In fact, to become a real artist was never really on his mind, let alone to have an art exhibition. It was once thought that there was a left brain and right brain dichotomy, and that both will never mix. So, why did he choose art?

As time goes by, Kumar realises that talents are given to us for a reason and purpose. He began drawing and colouring even before he could walk. Also, the experience that he gained in his legal and training field are invaluable in fostering the creative success. As for this, the question should rather be “What is his purpose in art”, instead of “Why did he choose art?”. Because we must not limit ourselves or put boxes around our various skills. Instead, we should let them flow together and become more than the sum of their parts.


What Makes a Happy Life?

Moving forward, people are always fascinated by the question of what makes a happy life and the psychology of wellbeing. Kumar is the best answer and illustration for this. Truly, he is a dedicated individual who works for a cause he cares about. Kumar integrated the element of charity in all of his previous art exhibitions, as he feels fulfilled when he could lend his hands to the ones in need.

This is the purpose of his talents, to help and to empower.

Photo source: Society for the Severely Mentally Handicapped

Revealing the Subconscious Mind as a Surrealist

Kumar enjoys sketching as much as the waters and the oils. He never really had a theme per se. But in his evolution as an artist, he seemed to be pulled towards surrealism. Surrealism is an art movement which dedicated to expressing the imagination as revealed in dreams, free of the conscious control of reason and convention. Because Kumar likes his work to be able to say something to its audience, to be able to make them look and look again.

With Kumar’s oil painting “Winding Up” in his garden

For Kumar, thinking is an important faculty and an amazing ability. However, reflective thinking is even more important for him. It requires training and must be nurtured and practiced ever so often. He hopes that his work enables the observer to go beyond the canvas and feel the prompts from within as he stands before each piece of art.

“Beyond The Beyond”, oil painting by Kumar. Sold.

Upcoming Art Exhibition

Come and meet this inspiring Lawful Artist, Kumar, in person by visiting his upcoming art exhibition in KL — “Painting From The Heart: Art For Good”. This art exhibition is a Charity Art Exhibition to support the severely mentally handicapped. This exhibition that runs from 20 – 24 February 2019 is held by the Society for the Severely Mentally Handicapped (SSMH).

Over 100 art pieces from 22 Malaysian Artists are being put together to raise awareness and funds for SSMH. More importantly, proceeds will go towards the operations of the Day Care and Training Centre for children and youths with severe mental and physical (multiple) disabilities under the care of SSMH. You can also check out his previous exhibition here.

Details of The Event

This event is supported by Bangsar Shopping Centre, Brickfields Asia College and the Make It Right Movement. Come together and let us help those in need this Lunar New Year.

Venue: Main Concourse, Bangsar Shopping Centre @ Jalan Maarof, 59000 KL

Official Launch: 20 Feb 2019 (Wednesday), at 8.00PM

Contact: +6012 341 8038 Mr. Tham

Exhibition Period: 20 – 24 Feb 2019

Past Exhibitions & Achievements

At the age of 15, Kumar was commissioned to do the portraits of two cabinet ministers of Malaysia. He won the top award for art in Perak in his form 6 exams.

Furthermore, Kumar has done 15 murals in all, mostly in Ipoh. When he came to KL to further his studies, he missed Ipoh so much that he had to put his memories of his growing up days in Ipoh in a book so he drew them out in a book which he titled “Ipoh Mali”. He just completed another book called “Timeless Stories” which is a compilation of stories told by ancient sages and wise men.

Quote taken from the “Timeless Stories” by Kumar

Kumar is currently working on his third book, which will be called “Crazy Times 2”. It depicts the idiosyncrasies of people which we are all too familiar with and find them both funny and amusing.

The Law of Attraction

As I mentioned in the earlier article, I met Kumar the first time 5 years ago. At that time, I was sitting on the floor with hundreds of people, raising our heads and listening to Kumar. He talked continuously for 3 hours. What I knew that time was only nodding my head non-stop to whatever he said.

I always wish that I could meet Kumar one day again and said thank you. But I certainly never expected that this day will come in this manner. What’s more, we are now collaborating in this art world. How small the world could be. How amazing this universe is bringing everything together.

So, can lawyers have fun?

View more of Kumar’s artworks in our Art Gallery.

See you in the Charity Exhibition – Painting From The Heart: Art For Good on 20 February 2019 at 8pm, Bangsar Shopping Centre! View more of Kumar’s artworks in our Art Gallery.

Dated: 15 February 2019
Author: Ti Yi Rou



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