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Jumping Out from the Ordinary Lens

Seeing what is invisible to others, is my vision in art. Capturing the darkness of mystery, dealing with forces beyond normal vision, revealing the unseen, and transforming the world into visions. To me, photography is an art of observation, it’s about finding the meaning in an ordinary place.” — Sharaf Alhothi

Not everyone is an artist

In this digital world, everyone can push the shutter and take a photo. While this may be true, not everyone is an artist. Rather, a visual artist. To become a visual artist, it requires the meticulousness to observe and the skill to translate the artistic vision into a photograph. And this is what Sharaf does best.

Sharaf Alhothi, a Yemeni visual artist photographer who is now based in Kuala Lumpur. He was born in Tokyo, Japan and has been living in Tokyo for 13 years. Subsequently, he pursued his Bachelor of Art and Design in Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia for 4 years.

Beyond The So Called “Reality”

Interestingly, Sharaf’s photographs do not shoot the tangible items that remind us of what we saw. Instead, his works prompts us to see what is beyond the “reality”. To enumerate, Sharaf is always able to see the world in different visions. He elevates the ordinary places by vesting them with significant meanings. For Sharaf, it is not important to make ‘realistic’ looking pictures. Rather, he makes pictures that reveal the inner emotions and express it with visual force.

Certainly, the term “photographer” is too restrictive for a visual artist like him. Because a photographer only takes photograph. However, Sharaf is born as a visual creator and maker. He is always fascinated by this visual world and he strives to unveil the side of the world that is not otherwise seen by many.

Ultimately, we suffer because we grasp after things thinking they are substantial and real. What if nothing we do really matters? — Nothingness, Sharaf Alhothi

What Matters To You In Split Second?

Sharaf chooses photography as his primary form of visual communication and expression. As a visual artist, he is able to expand his horizons and elevate his potential. Being that, Sharaf often aims to discover new methods and concepts aided by his persistent curiosity to discover creative ideas. In his new photograph series “Nameless (2018 – 2020)”, he created the photographs based on his art movement Pareidolia. One of which is that he employs Yemeni sitara traditional costume as his subject to represent where he comes from. And his own cultural identity.

Indeed, the very essence of photography is the ability to capture a moment. It is split second in time and history. No other media can be so immediate in its documentation of time. Besides, what differentiates Sharaf is that he always jumps out from the ordinary lens of camera, and create a picture based on his extraordinary vision.

A question to you, when everything becomes shapeless and formless, what do you see? What matters most to you in this split second?

Sharaf’s Art Collectors

Undoubtedly, Sharaf’s artwork photographs have attracted many eyeballs. To date, Sharaf has his own collectors across the world. Including but not limited to collectors from Finland, France and Yemen.

If you like to become an art collector by starting with an affordable price range of artworks, Sharaf’s photographs is the best choice. Let’s see the world through his eyes.

Past Exhibitions & Accolades

Sharaf had his first group exhibition at Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival (KLPF) in 2016. Subsequently, he had participated in a few exhibitions. Including amongst others “Sense & Sensibility” at Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space, “Non-Finito” at University Malaya Art Gallery in 2018. His first solo exhibition took place at PORT commune Creative Event Space in 2017.

Sharaf Alhothi was featured in the 26September Newspaper on 1 March 2012

In addition, Sharaf has also been featured in the Arabi Magazine, local digital photography magazine Fotografika, Special Weekly Magazine Issue 856, and International Art Magazine 1340Art.

View more of Sharaf’s photographs and start collecting now in our Art Gallery.

Updated on: 17 October 2020



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View more of Sharaf’s photographs and start collecting now in our Art Gallery.

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