A Shower Thought: Orange, the Colour or the Fruit came first?

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Orange The Fruit or the colour

People often discuss about “whether chickens or eggs came first?” over dinner or gathering. As an art lover, it is time to bring the game to a whole new artistic level:

“Whether Orange The Colour or Orange The Fruit came first?”

The Bewildering Question

Well, the meaning of orange is not always the same with what we already known today. To put it in another way, it was used to describe the tree that the fruit grows on. Indeed, the word “orange” traces its root back to Sanskrit Naranga which meant “Orange Tree”. Not the colour that you see on those artworks displaying in art galleries. Surprise?

Orange Tree orange Photo

(Photo source: Cabin Talk)

Evolvement of Orange

Over the years, the word evolved into meaning the fruit, not just the orange tree. In old French, the fruit became orange and adopted by Middle English in 14th century as orange.

Therefore, you might know the answer by now. It is not so bewildering or perplexing after all. Truly, the fruit came before the colour. The colour orange was first recorded in 1512 when the fruit made more appearance in the English market stall. Before 1512, people described the colour as geolurēad, which means yellow-red.

What’s Next?

You now have one more topic to discuss when you are with your friends and family. Something more to brag about your knowledge about art! Isn’t it cool?

Stay curious in this ever changing art world. More importantly, stay tuned for more Interesting Facts About Art on our Magazine!

On a side note, did you know that orange is originally from China?

Fun Facts about “Orange The Colour”

Orange is a combination of red and yellow which associate with energy and happiness respectively. Orange is often being interpreted as extrovert, joy, warmth, heat, enthusiasm, fun, creativity, compassion and so on.

So, if these are the features you wish to convey in your artwork, a few brushes of orange will do the trick!

See our artist, Yi Rou’s artworks for example:

Ti Yi Rou´s Art work sold on Artroom 22

Artist Ti Yi Rou
The two sides of us Artist Ti Yi Rou Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Dated: 24 January 2019
Author: Chang Wei Kang



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That a surprisingly fact: On a side note, did you know that orange is originally from China?

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