To Develop the Undeveloped Potential in “iNtuitive Stars”

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kumar nagalingam and Ti Yi Rou

Art is never created in vacuum. There is always some historical, cultural or social circumstances behind the creation of each artwork and each art exhibition. Same goes to “iNtuitive Stars”, which is curated on the basis of empowering children and transforming communities in order to raise fund for My Shining Stars Foundation (“MySSF”).

Datuk Bill Davidson Ngo my starlight foundation is giving his speech at the Grand Opening in Kuala Lumpur

Datuk Bill Davidson is giving his speech at the Grand Opening

The mission of MySSF is to reach out to underprivileged children where they get the opportunity to be exposed to variety of skills, tools and knowledge in the various in- and outdoor surroundings. MySSF believes that millions of children could have basic needs like food and shelter. However, they lack of sufficient support and encouragement to grow up to be healthy, balanced, self-aware human beings. Their undeveloped potential is lost to themselves and to our world.

Simone, the Chairman of MySSF NGO in Amsterdam, Netherlands Partner of Artroom 22 in Malaysia

Simone, the Chairman of MySSF in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Intuition in Life

The reason why the theme was chosen is because both of the artists, namely Parames McNeil and Kumar Nagalingam, desire to unveil the importance of intuition in life. When asked, Parames explains that the theme “iNtuitive Stars” was purposely done with a capital “N” to distract from the “i”.

Indeed, in order to be intuitive, you need to be a channel free of self. Only then, you are most intuned with your soul.

The Spiritual Artist — Parames McNeil

Artist Parames with Founder of Artroom 22, Yi Rou in Kuala Lumpur artroom 22

(Artist Parames with Founder of Artroom 22, Yi Rou)

What I like about Parames is her spiritual art journey, which allows her to see beyond the norms and triggers imaginations. Parames translates the intangible sense of spirituality well into this series of artworks featuring in the “iNtuitive Stars” exhibition. Notably, the painting of “Enlightenment – Lord Krishna” which is the one behind us.

Artist Parames with Founder of Artroom 22, Norbert in Kuala Lumpur

(Artist Parames with Founder of Artroom 22, Norbert)

Parames embarked on her art journey 6 years ago and that has been the most blissful 6 years in her life. Not only that, Parames is very active in communities programme. She spends most of her time volunteering at several NGOs. In particular, she loves to work with children because she believes that every child deserves a ray of hope to build their own future. Her “Art n Exploration Workshops” is also conducted in the aim to discover the children’s unlimited potential that lies within them.

The Lawful Artist — Kumar Nagalingam

On the other hand, the other artist in this art exhibition is Kumar who describes himself as “The Lawful Artist”. He holds a Law Degree and also a Masters in Law. Kumar has been a law lecturer and he is currently a trainer and consultant in human development for the past 18 years.

Yi Rou and Artitst Kumar Kuala Lumpur in front of the painting “Winding Up”.

Yi Rou and Kumar in front of the painting “Winding Up”.
So, is this the artistic Winding Up or the lawful Winding Up?

“One thing that Malaysian should learn is the Art Appreciation”, said Kumar. Truly, art appreciation and investment in Malaysia is very much lagging behind the global art market. He hopes that his artworks enable the viewer to go beyond the canvas and feel the prompts from within as he stands before each piece of artworks.

Kumar’s autograph on his book “Timeless Stories” which is
a compilation of stories told by ancient sages
Yi Rou who’s holding the Timeless Stories in Kuala Lumpur My Shining Star Foundation

Yi Rou who’s holding the Timeless Stories……

iNtuitive Stars Event Details

Date: 19 – 21 Jan 2019

Venue: Wicked Art Space, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya.

How Fate Brings People Together

I met Kumar the first time when I was 18 years old. It was the orientation of my law school and Kumar was the motivation speaker. I always wish that I could meet him again and said thank you. But I certainly never thought that it would be in an art exhibition. Especially when he is the artist who is exhibiting. This makes me believe even more firmly that “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.”

― John Lennon



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