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It’s pretty rare to see people drawing with both hands at the same time. According to a cognitive neuroscientist Michael Corballis, about 90% of people are right-handed. The remaining 10% are either left-handed or some degree of ambidextrous. However, people with true ambidexterity, i.e. one who uses both hands equally well, only make up 1% of the population.

Practicing to draw with both hands helps to unleash your hidden creativity and trigger improved memory functioning. Research has shown that drawing with the non-dominant hand (especially for right-handed people) gives greater access to the right hemispheric functions like feeling, intuition, creativity, inner wisdom and spirituality. It also allows you to access some suppressed emotions.

When the bridge between the left and right hemispheres of the brain is connected, both emotions and thoughts will be more fully expressed and understood.

Join us for the workshop today to learn how to paint a symmetrical painting with both of your hands simultaneously!

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