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Celebrating SME Day!

Today, 27 June, marks the third international World MSME day. This is a day which the United Nation designs to highlight the significant contribution MSMEs make to the global economy. If you are running your own business, regardless how small it is or how little amount of employees you have, this is a day for

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Interesting Facts

Top 10 World Famous Paintings

Painting is one of the oldest art forms which started from charcoal creations on cave walls by our ancient ancestors. Throughout the centuries, different generations of artists have contributed their creativity and left their marks through the artworks. In fact, there are ten-thousand or even hundred-thousand of art pieces every year. But the public only

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Visual Photographer | Rizacan Kumas | Art Shop Online
The Story Behind

Using Photography Art to Unveil The Silk Road and The World

“There is one thing the photography art must contain, the humanity of the moment.” — said Robert Frank, a a Swiss-American photographer and documentary filmmaker. Indeed, what is missing in most of the photographs is the humanity. It is rare to find, but it is not impossible. Here, we have Rizacan Kumas, an adventurer photographer

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